Egg white protein

There are very few foods that are almost a staple in all weight lifter’s diet plans. Some of the better foods would include egg whites, tuna, and chicken. Whether these foods are desirable or not is irrelevant as they have an amazing protein (versus other nutrients) ratio and can do wonders for anyone looking to build muscle. Protein is by far the most important nutrient for anyone looking to sculpt their body and one of the best sources for protein is in egg whites.

Eggs as a Protein Source
There is a lot of protein in an egg and it can be a great protein source for a pre or post workout meal. It can also be a good part of your daily diet and would make for a very healthy breakfast. However, you should understand that most of the protein in an egg is in the egg whites and not the yolk. While there is still some protein in the yellow parts of the egg, not everyone will eat this section. There is not enough protein in the yellow parts of the egg to make it worth consuming as the other nutrients are heftier than they are in the egg whites.

If you are going to eat eggs as a protein source then you can benefit from eating the whole egg or just the egg whites. Your best option would be to just eat the egg whites but eat a lot of them. Instead of eating four full eggs in one sitting you could just eat six or seven egg whites instead. This may take a bit to stomach but you could also think of a recipe to make the meal more interesting. Do a quick search and you should be able to find a few constructive meals to make with egg whites that will make it much easier to digest.

Egg Protein for Bodybuilders
If you are looking to increase your muscle mass dramatically then you may not care about the difference between eating egg whites and a whole egg. If you are eating a lot of food anyway then it would be better for you to eat the full egg instead of just the egg whites. There is still plenty of good protein in the egg yolk but not everyone will want to digest such a large meal.

Egg Whites vs. Whole Egg
There are two different stages of weight lifting that everyone fits into. You are either cutting or bulking. If you are doing the former then you are eating less while following a light weight exercise. The goal of cutting is to become more toned and defined without adding any additional muscle mass. You are just working with the muscle you already got and trying to look more shredded. If you are doing the latter then you are eating more and lifting heavier in an attempt to increase your muscle mass and get bigger.

The last paragraph depicts the two different stages that you could be in as someone who takes lifting weights seriously. There is no real middle where you are trying to maintain as only cardiovascular exercises would be beneficial for this. If you are lifting weights then you will be gaining muscle mass or becoming more defined. This will play a major role in whether you should eat just the egg whites or the whole egg.

Verdict – if you are cutting then you may want to just eat the egg whites. This eliminates the caloric intake (and other additional nutrients) from the egg yolk. Consuming four to six egg yolks a day could add up easily and you may not be able to lose weight while doing so. However, if you are bulking then you will not be negatively affecting your gains by eating four to six whole eggs every day so just go for it and get all the good protein you can.

There are many different foods that are great protein sources but eggs are by far one of the best. If you take lifting weights seriously then you will want to plan your diet precisely and get all the best foods in it. Eggs are protein rich, tasty, and small-sized so they make for a great addition in any diet.

To make sure you always get enough protein each day you should add egg whites (or whole eggs) in your diet. Even if you do not work out you can benefit from egg whites as it can help you get the protein that you may not be getting elsewhere. The only real alternative to getting protein from high protein foods would be to invest in a protein supplement such as Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein.

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