Earache home remedy

One of the most troubling problems that can cause issues for both children and adults is an earache. This painful experience can often be attributed to a number of various causes, and if you want to find a successful earache home remedy to treat them, you will want to make sure that you understand what the root of the problem is before you decide on an appropriate treatment option. Some of the most common reasons for earaches are colds, allergies, waxy buildup, injuries to the inner ear, infections, foreign objects, sinus infections, trapped water, air pressure changes, and even tooth infections.

If the earache is caused by an infection, then there is not a reliable earache home remedy that will help the pain to subside. In order to get out from under this kind of ear pain you will want to be sure that you go to a doctor and get on antibiotics. One way that you can tell for sure if you are suffering from an infection is if you are running a fever or if there is a pus-like discharge from your ear canal. However, if your earache is caused by any of these other problems, then you can easily find a solution that should be able to help relieve you of the pain.

One earache home remedy that has been successful dealing with problems from allergies and sinuses is to take one part alcohol and mix it with three parts white vinegar. Once you have this mixture you will want to take a dropper and place just three drops in each ear. The reduction in pain should be relatively immediate. Another home remedy that is often helpful is if you take warm castor oil and place just two drops in the affected ear. Plug the ear with a cotton ball and let the oil soak into your canal. This is something that you will want to make sure that you repeat at least twice a day until the pain is gone. You can also use garlic juice to accomplish this healing affect as well, and some people choose to combine the castor oil with garlic juice.

If the earache is due to a change in altitude, one of the most basic earache home remedy options is to chew gum for a few minutes. Doing this will allow you the Eustachian tubes to fully open up so that they can accommodate for the change in air pressure. If chewing gum does not help you can also hold your nose, close your mouth, and push air up into your nasal cavity until your ears pop.

One of the most common reasons for earache in small children is because of trapped water, otherwise known as “swimmer’s ear.” This occurs when the water gets trapped in the ear canal behind either a clump of waxy buildup or the tension of the air in the canal actually works to hold the water in place. Something that you can do to help remedy this problem is to put a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal. This will help to remove the air bubble because the peroxide will bubble up and break the surface tension.

One of the most classic earache home remedy options for those with sinus problems or waxy build up is to place the ear that is in pain on a heating pad. This could help to loosen up the waxy build up, and could also reduce sinus pressure. Lastly, one earache home remedy that can help to remove wax is known as an ear candle. These specially designed candles can be purchased at health stores, and you will want to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to prevent any injuries or problems.

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