Diuretics and weight loss

In today’s world, when so much emphasis is placed on being slim many people try to lose weight in any way that they can. This can include using diuretics to lose weight. Lots of people use natural diuretics in order to lose weight. Foods that are considered natural diuretics can be used safely and are of no concern, however herbal diuretics cannot be considered in the same way. Diuretics make people lose water, not actual fat or the weight that they really need to lose. So any weight that is lost using diuretics is usually temporary. The only time that this type of herb or medication should be used by someone is when it is prescribed by a medical professional to combat medical conditions such as high blood pressure or congestive heart failure.

Conditions such as these cause the body to build up too much fluid around the heart and in the extremities which can cause the heart and lungs to work much harder than they should have to. This can be detrimental to good health. Long term problems such as these can cause heart disease such as congestive heart failure. This is a condition where the heart cannot work properly and is enlarged due to this. Since it cannot pump well, fluids build up in the tissues and can even get into the lungs. This can cause major health problems even respiratory distress. Therefore diuretics in cases such as these when prescribed for chronic medical conditions do have therapeutic value and the water weight loss in these cases is needed. This type of water weight loss is usually not regained as long as medications are continued.

People who take diuretics indiscriminately to facilitative quick weight loss can cause much more harm to their body than they will see weight loss results unless they are extremely careful. Most people who tend to do this are looking for a quick fix. While quick water weight loss can be achieved many more problems can be caused by taking things like this for weight loss when they are not needed. Dehydration is one of the first side effects that is recognized by people who take diuretics that really do not need them. This condition can lead to electrolyte imbalances and much more serious conditions if these problems are not reversed in a quick manner.

Using diuretics can cause lower than normal levels of potassium and sodium. This can lead to irregular heart beats and problems with the heart rhythm. This can lead to problems with circulation and even damage to the heart that may or may not be reversible if they are not fixed within a certain amount of time. Fluids will have to be replaced and electrolytes will need to be replaced as well. Therefore the use of diuretics for this purpose are useless if not dangerous at best.

Anyone considering using herbal formulas or other preparations that include diuretics should consult with a medical professional prior to taking these to see if there are any contraindications to using these types of substances. Medical professionals can discuss any issues that might come up with the use of these types of diet pills or herbal substances that help people to lose weight. There are many factors and issues here that are not evident to the average consumer. People should be aware of the side effects and possible complications of any preparation they are considering before starting to take it when they are getting ready to start any weight loss program. The more knowledge that they have, the better they will do on their weight loss program.

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