Diabetic socks

People who suffer from diabetes can often develop foot ulcers which can increase the need for proper foot wear, including socks. Diabetes is a condition that causes a rise in blood sugar levels that can sometimes cause different symptoms. It may seem strange but the feet are usually where many of the diabetes complications can arise. Diabetes is known for causing dry skin and problems with the nerves, therefore causing problems with friction, blisters and ulcers on the feet as a result of diabetics walking a lot or wearing certain socks and shoes. Since there is nerve damage done to the feet, a person suffering from diabetes may not feel their feet the same way a person that does not have the disease would. With numbing sensations causing little feeling to the area, a diabetic could get a blister and often not realize it until it has gotten really bad or has turned into an infection. However, just because you have diabetes does not mean you will have these problems. There is a varying range of the severity of the disease and its side effects.

If you are a diabetic that does suffer from issues regarding the feet, including sores, blisters or ulcers, then you may be instructed to wear diabetic socks. Since these sores are possibly painful and take a while to heal it’s best to prevent them when possible. Diabetic socks are not going to solve all your problems and are not a guarantee that you will no longer have sores again, but they are made to help with comfort and lessen the possibility of getting ulcers and blisters.

Diabetic socks have been designed to help with friction caused by wearing socks and shoes by eliminating the seam lines in the socks. For this same reason, these socks have been designed to be thick, in order to allow any part of the shoe from rubbing against the skin. It is important that diabetics also wear supportive socks that will help prevent blood from staying in the lower legs and feet. Supportive footwear can help keep blood flow and circulation running more smoothly which allows for better health and lessens the possibility of having serious problems. Other qualities to look for in diabetic socks are those that extend to the knee. This will help provide strong support for the entire lower leg. When the support if offered and the blood circulation is working better it will prevent damage to the arteries, bruising, and further nerve damage. Also look for socks that are absorbent. This is very important since having too much moisture around the feet can contribute to further problems such as fungal infections and it can also keep other infections from previous ulcers or blisters from healing quickly.

Some insurance companies may pay fully or partially for your diabetic socks. Be sure to talk with your insurance company to see if they will cover the costs before you purchase any on your own. There are several places in which you can purchase these types of socks including your local pharmacies and there are lots of place to order your socks from online. There are different brands so be sure to try them out to find the ones that are right for you. Everyone has a different preference and what brand works for some may not work the same for another. Definitely discuss the use of diabetic socks with your doctor before choosing to purchase them. Your doctor may be able to recommend a particular type of sock that he or she feels would suit your needs the best.

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