Diabetes prevention supplements

Diabetes is a disease that is infects a large number of people around the world. It is such a disease that cripples the individual, limiting their diet and forces them into leading a very strict life. However, there are many ways how a person can control their diabetes and lower it to a safe level. Such methods include eating properly, having plenty of physical exercise and taking medication. One such medication is diabetes supplements that help reduce diabetes; few of them even prevent diabetes from occurring. This article will focus on diabetes prevention supplements.

The first element under consideration is Chromium. One of the chief reasons diabetes occurs is because of the buildup of sugar in the blood. This happens if our cells do not accept enough of the sugar into them. Chromium is said to increase the amount of sugar these cells are able to receive. This reduces the amount of sugar present in our blood hence reducing the chances of diabetes from affecting us.

Though chromium seems like a prominent specimen in the fight against diabetes, it is still under speculation whether it actually does anything to reduce or prevent diabetes. One fact about chromium is that it is said to have adverse effects on our body if it is present in small amounts. It is also able to cause cell mutations that may even turn cancerous. However, studies reveal that chromium in higher doses is quite useful for us. It can noticeably help keep our blood sugar under control and heightens the effectiveness of insulin. Experts say that 600 micrograms of chromium taken every day are exceptionally helpful.

It is not very hard to find chromium supplements. It may be found as a compound in a single pill or may be a component in a multi-vitamin pill. It is said that chromium histidine and chromium picolinate are more readily absorbed by our blood than other chromium compounds. Chromium can also be found in a number of foods such as broccoli, whole grains, dried beans and black pepper.

Another mineral that is extremely useful in keeping diabetes in check is magnesium. It was seen that one third of the people who suffered diabetes had very low amounts of magnesium in their diet. It was also noticed that increasing intake of diabetes reduces the chances of acquiring Type 2 diabetes. The normal amount of magnesium intake is 350 mg every day. Such an amount stimulates the insulin, making it more effective as well as regulates the blood sugar.

Like chromium, many people are also doubtful about whether magnesium has any effect regarding diabetes. Experts are still unconvinced whether diabetes is actually a consequence of having little amounts of magnesium in our system. But seeing many of the studies, it is always better to be on the safe side and keep a healthy amount of magnesium in our diet. Magnesium can be found in many foods such as nuts, whole grains, wheat germ and most importantly green leafy vegetables. Magnesium can also be found in numerous compound forms in a number of supplements. Magnesium citrate in particular is thought to be one of the most effective compounds the body absorbs very easily.

As for vitamins, vitamin E is tremendously beneficial regarding diabetes control. Because of Vitamin E’s antioxidant power, it is reduces the damage done by diabetes. Organs such as the heart and the nerve system are sheltered from harm. Low levels of vitamin E may lead to complications such as blindness and even cardiovascular disease.

It is very difficult to receive a suitable amount of vitamin E from simply one’s diet. Therefore, it is better to rely on Vitamin E supplements to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of this vitamin in our system. There are two forms of Vitamin E. One is natural and the other is synthetic. As always, the natural source works better and can be found as a single supplement pill or as a component of multi-vitamin pills.


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