Cost of dentures

People first began using dentures in the 15th century. They were made out of bone, ivory or human teeth. They were attached to other existing teeth in the mouth with a string made from either metal or silk. As you can imagine, dentures back then could be extremely uncomfortable. In the 1770s they started making dentures out of porcelain. By the 20th century dentures began to be made out of high grade plastics and now acrylic resins are used.

Dentures are needed when natural teeth are lost due to injury, illness or normal aging and gum disease. They make dentures for both the upper and lower teeth. Complete and partial dentures are available. They all must be custom-fitted. Dentures help people who lose their teeth to continue enjoying and eating all kinds of foods and help the person maintain his or her appearance. When a person loses their teeth dentures will support the lips and cheeks so that the face continues to look naturally appealing. Dentures help to maintain the smile and normal speech. Without dentures to replace missing teeth the person can have problems pronouncing words and will be unable to eat most foods.

The cost of dentures has gone up over the years. Nowadays the cost of dentures can depend on what kind of dentist you go to. A Prosthodontist can charge from $500 to $2500 now per upper and lower arch. If you go to a Cosmetic dentist their fees can be a little lower at $300 to $1200 per upper and lower arch. These costs vary depending on the grade of dentures that you purchase. If you have adequate dental insurance it should cover much of the cost of dentures. Dental insurance usually cover from 15 to 50% of the total cost of dentures.

The cost of dentures can vary, depending on what kind of dentures is needed. If teeth must be extracted first it can add to the cost of dentures. The cost of basic dentures is lower because these dentures will usually not last as long as high end dentures. Basic dentures may not look as well either. Mid range dentures cost a little more and the cost of dentures in the mid range will usually include a one or two year warranty. The cost of premium dentures is the highest. Premium dentures can cost anywhere from $1000 to $4000 for a full upper or bottom arch. Premium dentures are made from high quality materials and look the most like natural teeth and gums. Premium dentures last longer and are usually have a warranty against any chipping or cracking. The cost of partial dentures can start out as low as $300 -$500 for basic partials. Premium partial plates can run as high as $2000 to $4000 per plate depending if gold is used instead of a different metal or acrylic.

Included in the cost of dentures should be any appointments that are needed to make impressions, take measurements, the initial trying in period for fit and the process to adjust and set the final denture. All follow up appointments should be covered in the cost of dentures. Some things that may add to the cost of dentures later on are chips or cracks in them and the fact that they can wear out and cause the need for new dentures. Lower end dentures may need to be replaced every few years. Premium dentures can last for years so it may be best to pay the higher cost for dentures in the beginning and get them instead. For the cost of dentures to be covered by most medical insurances they must be considered medically necessary instead of cosmetic. For this reason it may be better to go to a Prosthodontist rather than a Cosmetic dentist for your dentures.

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