Dental insurance for seniors

Dental work can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the procedure that needs to be done. It is estimated that nearly 100 percent of people who have the option of dental insurance through an employer take that option, mostly because the cost of dental care has skyrocketed over the past few years. Employers typically offer dental insurance through indemnity plans, managed care plans or direct reimbursement plans for employees. However, seniors often have trouble purchasing affordable dental insurance, typically those who are no longer employed and who receive Medicare coverage.

Most employers have, over the past few years, opted for managed care plans because they offer the most affordable approach to dental coverage. These plans require that the insured choose from a provided list of dentists and dental specialists and typically do not cover pre-existing conditions. Those who are currently employed would likely benefit most from a direct reimbursement plan since this is currently the only type of coverage that will pay for pre-existing conditions. Of course, this again is typically an employment based option so those who are retired will likely not be eligible for this type of dental coverage.

Because most dental insurance is provided through employment plans, seniors must search for alternatives to typical dental coverage. Dental discount plans help senior citizens to get the dental care that they need without having to worry about paying the total cost for that care. These plans offer treatment that is cost effective without the worries of filing claims, visiting only a strict network of doctors and other problems that typical dental coverage typically provides. Dental discount plans give the insured the opportunity to save a specific dollar amount, usually around sixty percent, on typical dental procedures such as cleanings, braces, fillings and regular checkups.

Discount plans typically have no waiting period, although they do require a monthly or annual fee. Once a senior citizen has signed up with a discount dental plan company, he or she will receive a discount card, typically within just a week or so from joining. Fees for discount dental plans typically run around $100 per year, depending on the company. Members are given different options for which dentists they prefer to visit and are shown the discounts that are available in their area for dentists and procedures. While managed care dental plans are typically the least expensive, those opting for this type of coverage are forced to choose from among just a few dentists that are included in the network. When opting for discount dental plans, virtually any dentist can be seen and the insured receives a discount on the overall visit as well as specialty procedures that may need to be done.

Discount dental plans require no filling out of claims or pre-determination for benefits. Most have no deductibles or limits on the benefits that an insured can receive. Of course, it is important to note that these plans typically do not cover cosmetic dental procedures although they may provide discount benefits on bonding or veneers, depending again on the company chosen. Senior citizens who are currently retired and/or receiving Medicare benefits may find these plans to be the solution for much needed dental care coverage. Those who are not employed or do not have access to employer based dental coverage can receive a significant discount on dental care. It is important to have dental coverage these days. Seniors with coverage for dental procedures can find themselves paying an exorbitant amount of money for just one small procedure. Discount dental plans offer senior citizens a way to help to combat the rising costs of dental care and ensure that they have the means necessary to receive this care when needed.

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