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It is extremely important to take care of your teeth and your overall dental health. It is recommended that your brush your teeth at least twice a day and especially after eating sugary foods. You should also choose a toothbrush that is suited to your mouth and teeth and aim to replace it every 6-8 weeks. However the practice of protecting your teeth and brushing regularly will not rule out having to visit the dentist. As we are well aware this can prove to be very costly, although essential.

In order to protect yourself against the rising cost of dental care, it is advisable that you choose a sensible dental health insurance plan. This form of insurance will typically cover any form of regular dentistry check-up, cosmetic work and oral hygiene procedures. There are various forms of insurance and dental insurance companies to choose from, however, it is recognized that three companies in particular offer the best form of coverage and insurance protection.

MetLife Dental Insurance – MetLife Dental Insurance are one of the longest running providers of Dental Health Insurance products. They have 2 main plans for you to choose from, namely the Preferred Dentist Program and the Dental HMO. Although it is important to consider that the Dental HMO is only offered in California, Florida and Texas.

The Preferred Dentist Program allows you to choose any specific dentist you wish and you will receive benefits for every single visit you make. However, should you choose to visit a dentist within the MetLife PPO network, you will find the level of benefits dramatically increase. The HMO option is actually offered by SafeGuard Health Plans Inc. which forms part of the MetLife group. With this plan you must visit a dentist within the specified network. You will also have to pay pre-approved co-payments for every visit.

Guardian Dental Insurance – The Guardian Life Insurance Company offer dental insurance. Their plans are specifically designed for families and those who are seeking the most affordable and budget-friendly dental health care. They provide a very basic level of cover for regular check-ups and also a more comprehensive plan that will cover any cosmetic procedures. Guardian Dental Insurance has an extremely popular PPO dental plan. This plan offers in excess of 70,000 dentists within their network, which allows you to make some massive discounts on any services rendered.

Guardian Dental Insurance also has a plan known as Maximum Rollover. Often you will find that the majority of dental plans have a set annual benefit limit. If this limit is not reached throughout the year, you merely start afresh the following year. However Guardian will allow the unused portion of benefits to be rolled over to the following year, thus offering you even more coverage and benefits. Their basic plans cover preventative dental care however there are no pre-set conditions. As a customer of this plan you are allowed to customize it to fit your own basic and individual needs.

Aetna Dental Insurance – Possibly one of the most recognized names in the world of health insurance, Aetna offer 3 main kinds of dental insurance. They have a PPO plan, an HMO and also a discount dental plan. The discount dental plan can be considered a membership account as opposed to insurance coverage. This plan can provide up to 60% discount on numerous dental procedures that can be issued by any one of the 66,000 dentists who participate in Aetna’s program. Aetna’s PPO and HMO plans follow the industry standard level of coverage and benefits.

There are many options for dental care and insurance for you to choose from. However, it is always best to find coverage that is especially suited to you and your family. Whereas some plans may only offer basic care, whilst others offer a far more comprehensive approach. You should first determine what you truly believe is the best form of coverage for you. The best advice would be to consider dental plans as well as dental insurance and decide which one is more suited to you. Next you should choose a prime dental insurance company, such as the ones mentioned. Finally it is actually good practice to speak to your dentist first. You should look to discuss you and your family’s current dental health and their history, as well as your current financial situation and budget. Only then can you make a well informed decision about your dental health care requirements.

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