Dementia symptoms

Dementia is a brain disorder that can occur in people as they become elderly. However, dementia is not experienced by all elderly people. It involves a slow loss of the ability to be able to remember things, losing the ability to reason clearly and think clearly. At first dementia symptoms may go unnoticed. The person with early dementia symptoms may begin to forget where they keep their car keys or where they parked their car after when they come out of the store after doing some shopping. As the brain disorder slowly progresses, dementia symptoms become more and more pronounced. The dementia symptoms will become more and more frequent and the same type of memory loss in certain situations will be repeated over and over. For example, dementia symptoms can be exhibited by the person always forgetting their own phone number. The family of a person that is exhibiting dementia symptoms may begin to notice a personality changes. For example, a normally easy-going person may become more and more aggressive and irate and become someone who is difficult to deal with.

Sometimes people with dementia symptoms are able to be treated the symptoms can be cured if the cause is treatable. Many times people will have dementia symptoms because they are severely depressed and depression can lead to pronounced memory loss and muddled thinking ability as well as an inability to concentrate. Depression is often times easily treated with medications and once treated the dementia symptoms will disappear.

Sometimes when a person abuses drugs or is an alcoholic they can also have exhibit dementia symptoms. Also, hormone imbalances and vitamin deficiencies can be the reason why people exhibit signs of dementia. If you’re a middle-aged person who is having trouble with the lack of the ability to think clearly or you are realizing that you are having more and more trouble remembering things, you should go see your doctor to discuss the possibility that you are in the beginning stages of dementia. Not all people who have memory loss or confused thinking have dementia however. Studies have shown that people over the age of 71 have a a good chance of developing dementia symptoms. In fact, studies have also shown that by the time a person reaches the age of 90 the symptoms of dementia increase by 37%.

Some of the early dementia symptoms not only include the loss of memory, but disorientation about the time and the place persons in. The person may not remember what year it is or why they are in a certain place at a certain time. Early dementia symptoms are very subtle and at first the person and the family may not even notice them. People who are exhibiting dementia symptoms may simply appear to be irritated or emotional over every day occurrences which would normally be unusual for them. As time goes on dementia symptoms become more pronounced and the person begins to exhibit abnormal behavior. People who are experiencing dementia symptoms can become delusional and paranoid. The ability to speak clearly and dress one’s self begins to deteriorate. The person forgets to do their normal routines of personal hygiene and may even go out somewhere inappropriately dressed. Sometimes a person who is suffering from dementia will even begin to have hallucinations.

One of the most common causes of dementia in elderly people is Alzheimer’s disease. As people age short-term memory loss is normal. However, extreme memory loss is a sure sign of Alzheimer’s disease. More dementia symptoms include the inability to distinguish the value of money in all of its denominations. If you know someone who is experiencing dementia symptoms it would be to their benefit to get them to go to the doctor for a medical evaluation.

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