Dandruff treatments

When you suffer from dandruff you can get frustrated and embarrassed. Dandruff can be mild or severe and prevent you from feeling comfortable or confident. The symptoms of dandruff include having a dry, often itchy scalp that results in flaking. For some people dandruff may not seem like a dry scalp at all but more of an oily scalp that has more of a scaly appearance.

Dandruff can be caused by several different things. It has been determined that there are two different categories of dandruff that one may suffer from. The first is the internal dandruff. This type is caused by factors inside the body, such as hormonal changes, poor diet habits, allergies, stress, or inherited genes. The other type of dandruff is called the external dandruff. This would be caused by dry weather, styling products, hair color, overheating the scalp, bathing in hot water, infrequent washings or shampoo residue left on scalp.

No matter the type of dandruff or how you may have come upon the problem, the good news is that dandruff can be treated fairly easily. There are several different ways to treat dandruff, some are with medications and others are a bit more homeopathic. Sometimes you can try to cure the problem on your own or it may get so bad that you need to see your physician for some help.

When one suffers from dandruff they usually seek out the first dandruff shampoo they can find. There are several popular dandruff shampoos on the market today and some may provide dandruff relief more so than others. Some are pretty inexpensive, where as some can be a little more pricey. The main active ingredients in over the counter dandruff shampoos are zinc pyritheone or selenium sulfide. For most people with mild to moderate dandruff these shampoos can do the trick. Depending on the shampoo, you may need to use it daily or for some maybe only every few days. Be sure to follow the directions for each type of shampoo. For dandruff that is really bad there are prescription lotions and ointments that can also be used.

If you are looking for a different route to treating your dandruff you can also try out a few home remedies that have been used over the years. Some may sound strange but they are always worth a shot. Remember, different methods may have different results depending on the person and the severity of the dandruff.

One home remedy that has been known to work is using apple cider vinegar on the hair. Mix a couple tablespoons of vinegar with a little water and leave in hair for a few minutes before rinsing. Also the use of olive oil massaged into the scalp for several minutes before rinsing can help with dandruff as well. Another remedy is beating two eggs with a little water and applying to hair. Massage the raw eggs into the scalp and hair and leave on for 15 minutes then rinse. This is supposed to prevent dandruff. Lemon and lime juice have also been recommended for dandruff. By adding a bit of lemon or lime juice to the rinse water you can help reduce dandruff in the scalp.

Hot oil treatments found at your local store can be of great help too. They can help give your hair and scalp some much needed therapy and help get rid of the dry itchy feeling that may be caused by the cold dry winter months. As you can see, there are several different ways of dealing with your dandruff situation. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques for getting rid of your dandruff because it may take a few tries to find the one that works for you.

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