Dandruff shampoo

Suffering from dandruff can be a real burden. Some people suffer from severe dandruff while others may have just enough to be a nuisance. Often people are embarrassed by their dandruff but the truth is lots of people have dandruff so you are not alone.

Dandruff symptoms consist of having an extremely dry scalp that results in flaking and often itching as well. Often the flakes can be noticeable, whether in the hair or falling out onto clothing. This can cause a person to become self conscious of the problem. Although the classic dry scalp and flaking are trademark symptoms of dandruff, there are people who suffer from dandruff that may have an oily scalp that consists of a scaly texture and appearance.

Regardless of what type of dandruff a person suffers from, most likely the first step to treating the problem is with a dandruff shampoo. There are a few different types of dandruff shampoo and not all work on the same people. What works for one person may not work the same for another however treating dandruff is usually successful once you find the right fit for you.

When looking for a dandruff shampoo you may need to look at the active ingredients since not all dandruff shampoos are the same. When you think of dandruff shampoo a few name brands may come to mind but that does not mean that they all contain the same ingredients. One popular dandruff shampoo is Head and Shoulders and its active ingredient is zinc pyrithione. This is an antifungal and antibacterial agent that helps reduce fungus on the scalp, which is causing the dandruff. Another popular ingredient in dandruff shampoo is selenium sulfide and it works to slow the aging and dying process that our skin cells go through. Beware though this type of shampoo has been known to discolor light colored hair or hair that has been chemically altered by dyes. Dandruff shampoos containing salicylic acid help scrub the scales off the scalp but should be used along with conditioner to avoid further drying of the scalp. Other dandruff shampoos are tar-based and come from coal tar. The ingredient coal tar is similar to that of selenium sulfide since it works to slow the aging process of the skin cells as well. For those that do not have much luck with the other types of shampoos, trying a shampoo containing ketoconazole may do the trick. This shampoo is another anti-fungal shampoo that can be a little stronger. Depending on the strength needed, a doctor’s prescription may be necessary.

For people that have a very mild to moderate case of dandruff, these types of shampoos are often the solution to the problem. Depending on the shampoo, some may recommend daily use where others may recommend using a couple times a week. There are also shampoos that contain different levels of the active ingredient which will also affect the price of the shampoo as well.

Another over the counter item that can be beneficial in treating dandruff is a hot oil treatment. This can really help hair and scalps that are extremely dry by adding locking in some of the moisture that has been lost.

If your dandruff is not able to be treated by the use of some over the counter shampoos then you may need to visit your doctor to get something stronger or to get a prescription for a topical ointment or cream. Depending on what is causing the dandruff you may also need to make a few lifestyle changes as well. Your doctor should be able to help pinpoint the problem and discuss ways to help fight off dandruff in the future.

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