Cystitis symptoms

Cystitis is a condition that mostly affects women. Male patients with cystitis are less common but when the situation exists the condition will be much more severe. There are many ways you can go about preventing and treating cystitis but an early diagnosis is an important part of a successful recovery. If you think you may have cystitis then you should read about the symptoms associated with the condition to perform a self-diagnosis. If you notice more than a few of the symptoms associated with cystitis then you may want to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment suggestions.

Common Symptoms
One of the most common symptoms for cystitis would be frequent urination. The condition makes every patient feel the need to urinate regularly and the feeling might not go away at all. The urinations are usually small and can be difficult to complete. Pain and discomfort is often associated with attempting to urinate for cystitis patients. The most common feeling cystitis patients get when attempting to urinate is described as a constant burning feeling.

Pain and discomfort when urinating may not be limited to the genitalia area but rather it could affect your lower abdominal section and your back as well. Some people resort to taking pain killers as a way to fight the pain associated with the condition.

There are many characteristics of the urination which should be observed as they are common signs of cystitis. Foul smelling urine, hematuria, cloudy urine, and more. Additionally, the condition can lead to general sickness such as a slight fever but certain symptoms will vary by person.

Noticing the Symptoms of Cystitis
Certain symptoms, such as blood in your urine, should require immediate attention. They may be associated with a simple complication of your health such as a poor diet but they can be signs of much more serious problems. If you notice blood in your urine then it should definitely be diagnosed immediately. You should speak with your doctor about it and figure out what exactly is wrong.

f you notice more of the symptoms associated with cystitis then you should get tested for this condition. The diagnosis tests are very simple and usually it is just a matter of urinating on a stick to look for the infection.

Why an Early Diagnosis is Important
The condition can be very serious in some cases but for some people it could cause no problems besides the obvious symptoms. In the more severe situations the infection could travel throughout your body and cause other health problems.

Ultimately it is a very difficult condition to live with and the symptoms will just continue to worsen without treatment. An early diagnosis allows you to treat the condition quickly which in return will increase the chance of a successful recovery and get rid of the annoying and painful symptoms.

Final Thoughts
Cystitis is not always an extremely serious condition but it can lead to much more complications than the symptoms that are originally noticed. Treating cystitis is not too difficult as it should just be a matter of adding cranberry juice or similar products to your diet. There are some medications available which may help with the symptoms as well such as pain killers to deal with the lower abdomen and back pain.

If you notice some of the symptoms of cystitis then you should get your doctor to perform diagnosis testing for the condition. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with advice on how you should treat it. The previously mentioned treatment methods are common and can be effective but your doctor will be able to give better suggestions on therapy which will work specifically for you.

Cystitis is a condition with very obvious symptoms which can have painful affects on your bowel movements. With that said, diagnosis and treatment is essential for this condition.

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