Cortisol blockers

Everyone has seen the commercials on TV for cortisol blockers telling them how their body produces too much cortisol and that in turn makes them to store fat which causes them to gain weight. They market these cortisol blockers that are designed to block the production of this hormone which should allow people to lose weight in a more effective manner. What are these and do they work? I am sure many people are scratching their heads wondering just what on earth cortisol is in the first place.

First lets talk about what cortisol is and what its role is in the body. Cortisol is a natural steroidal hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. It does have several important functions in the body. Some of these include the response to stressful situations, both physical and emotional. It helps to regulate our immune system. This chemical also helps the body to provide natural relief to painful stimuli. It works to help the body break down certain substances that it needs to nourish it when needed. It also helps to supply glucose to the body when energy is needed.

Due to its ability to break down tissues and other substances and turn them into food and energy for the body, this can be an issue for people when they are considering an exercise program or body building. The adrenal gland signals cortisol production which in turn breaks down tissue when the body is stressed. This can happen when a person starts exercising and have not been doing so in the past, such as when starting a new weight loss program.

It might be said then the cortisol blockers could be beneficial in these situations where the hormone would do more damage than good. Someone in a new exercise or weight loss program would not want muscle tissue broken down when they are trying to build it up or maybe have the immune system slowed down due to the stress of the new exercise routines. However, what has been found is reducing stress levels in the body such as eating proper nutritious meals and sleeping adequate amounts of time can do just as much to reduce stress as supplements can for this matter.

The makers and proponents of the cortisol blockers say that this hormone causes fat storage which can cause increase weight gain. They claim that when the body is stressed more cortisol is produced and that in turn causes increased fatty deposits in the tissues and around the organs of the body resulting in weight gain. They claim that this especially applies to women and it specifically applies to weight that is gained around the abdomen, buttocks and upper thigh areas. They state by using the cortisol blockers you decrease the level of cortisol produced, resulting in slowing or stopping the storage of fatty deposits on the tissues and organs. This is supposed to lead to weight loss.

However research has shown that there are few times that there is enough cortisol production from the adrenal glands in the body to cause the amount of fat storage that would be considered a problem. This would happen only in cases that are due to a hormonal imbalance or this can be induced due to taking certain medications. So for the average healthy person, this does not apply.

According to several experts and studies that have been done there is no scientific evidence that the ingredients in the cortisol blockers have any effect on the cortisol levels in the human body. Even if it did, it has been shown that the weight loss supplement is not effective for the purpose it has been marketed for.

In 2007, the Federal Trade Commission charged the makers of two of the most popular cortisol blockers on the market with making false and misleading statements. They charged the companies had made unsubstantiated claims that their product can cause weight loss. As a result the companies have had to pay millions of dollars in refunds to consumers and are no longer allowed to make weight loss claims.

When considering this or any other weight loss supplement, it is wise to consult a physician or healthcare professional especially if a person has any type of medical condition or takes medications on a regular basis.

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