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There has been a lot of talk for a good while about to the merits or lack of merits of cortisol blocker pills and the debate still continues with neither side gaining the advantage yet. However, in order to make our own mind up, it would be important to understand what everybody is talking about and this means that we need a bit of a lesson into the inner workings of our bodies.

First of all, cortisol is a natural hormone our body’s adrenal glands produce. It is generally dumped into our bodies in times of stress. This isn’t the hormone’s sole function; it has been observed to take part in several other body processes as well, like with the immune system for example or in relation to liver function. From this we can safely understand that cortisol is an important hormone to have in our bodies.

The reason why cortisol blocker pills are such a hot topic is the fact that cortisol is also strongly linked to our levels of blood sugar, appetite and fat storing process. The average human being’s cortisol levels will vary throughout the span of a day, being higher for the first twenty or thirty minutes since a person is awake. This happens because cortisol basically helps our bodies get started and energized. However, there are certain other triggers for cortisol release and one of those is stress. Cortisol is linked to the fight or flight response our bodies has when faced with the stress of a threat.

The level of stress that modern society piles up on the average individual is much more constant than when our ancestors used to contend with when faced with a wild animal. Nowadays, we have creeping deadlines, bills, debts, annoying bosses and many other things that keep us under a very constant level of stress the likes of which our ancestors never knew.

We also have very fast and easy access to food in our society, which means that whenever we are under the effect of a cortisol rush due to stress we can almost immediately satisfy the need for extra energy by eating. Couple this with cortisol’s effect of producing extra fat cells and one can clearly see that there definitely is a link between daily stress, cortisol production and weight gain.

One can now understand now why there is a market for cortisol blocker pills. It is thought that these pills hinder our body’s cortisol production while also offering some other ingredients to replace the increased blood sugar and energy levels that cortisol would have taken care of.

Whether or not these products actually work is still a heated debate; on one side there are specialists claiming that cortisol blocker products work, while others are saying that these products don’t work at all. So, the best idea would be to try this product on your own and see exactly how it will affect your life. Everyone agrees that these pills can’t bring negative effects, so only good can come out of trying them.

Whether or not you choose to opt for the cortisol blocker products, you should know there are certain other things that can work just as well as this pill to help lower one’s cortisol levels. The first one would be to try lowering your stress levels. Unfortunately, this is quite harder to do than say. Another thing that can be done is reducing your alcohol and caffeine consumption and while that might seem very difficult at first, there are other options out there that are healthier than coffee and that still offer you a decent jolt of energy.

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  1. kenny wright says:

    On this website you said “there are other options out there that are healthier than coffee and that still offer you a decent jolt of energy. Could you please tell me what these options are as I am fatigued daily and feel like sleeping most of the day. This interferes with my work and my outlook on life.

    What would you suggest for someone that feels tired ongoingly?y


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