CIC hearing aids

One of the most disturbing parts of growing old is dealing with hearing loss. To no longer be able to hear the sound of your children’s laughter, the rush of the wind and the sea and the soothing saxophone in your favorite song are heartbreaking results of hearing loss. Not only do you miss out on all the sounds you are emotionally attached to when you lose your hearing, but you also put yourself at risk for accident or injury because you can no longer hear things that could give you warning about something about to happen that could cause you or a loved one harm. You cannot hear the ominous crack of thunder, the sounds of a siren, the patter of someone running or the crack of a tree branch as it is about to fall.

Often, it isn’t until you lose your hearing that you understand just how important it was to your very existence but at that point it no longer matters. Once you have lost your hearing you have done irreparable harm to your ears and ear drums and you cannot reverse that. If you are young enough you may be able to get a very small amount of hearing back if you stop listening to loud music and roaring engines, but there is no guarantee and there are few surgical procedures that can be done on that delicate region to repair the broken and bent cilia which could be causing hearing loss and “ringing.”

This drives many people to find hearing aids that will supplement what hearing they have got left and reduce the amount of suffering they endure. CIC hearing aids has an answer in its completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aid line. CIC hearing aids have been around for decades and are generally the first choice in hearing recovery.

Their line of hearing aids include digital hearing aids, analog hearing aids, hearing aids that can be programmed and custom hearing aids. In addition to the actual hearing device, CIC hearing aids also carries hearing aid accessories like batteries.

The days of holding a large horn up to your ear to hear better are over. These days, everyone wants their hearing aid to be practically invisible. There is no shame in wearing a hearing aid, after all many people end up wearing them by the time they reach a certain age, but a little matter of pride keeps some from wanting to admit they need this aid. Because of this, CIC hearing aids rest inside the canal so they cannot be seen unless someone is looking closely. No larger than a dime, these powerful but minute hearing devices are made with a small plastic wire that allows you to easily remove the CIC hearing aid from your ear. Without the wire, you might not be able to get the hearing aid out, so it is important that you never remove the wire.

One thing you must be careful of when using CIC hearing aids is the buildup of wax and moisture around them. Remember, these hearing aids are quite small and it would not take much wax to make them almost useless. So keep your CIC hearing aids clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure to get them serviced often.

If you have severe hearing loss it may turn out that CIC hearing aids are not suitable for you. However, technology is making amazing leaps in the world of hearing aids so who knows how long it will take before the CIC hearing aids are just as strong as larger version, but still only a third of the size.

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