Chromium picolinate

Chromium iodinate is a nutritional supplement that is used to facilitate weight loss and help assist in the optimization of the efficiency of the working of insulin. This nutritional supplement is a combination of the trace mineral chromium and picolinic acid. Chromium is normally found in the diet. It is usually found in foods such as fish, meat, poultry, and whole grain breads. However most foods will lose this trace mineral when they are processed. Losing significant amounts of chromium in the diet can lead to some issues such as slow metabolism and problems with insulin sufficiency.

What this means is that on average, most people in the United States have diets that are very low in chromium. This is due to eating a lot of foods that have been processed so the chromium has been lost. It is estimated that the average adult gets 33 mcg of chromium per day. Some studies that were conducted in the 1960’s showed that people and animals who did not have the proper amounts of chromium in their blood stream were unable to use their insulin efficiently. As a result of this, damage could occur to the organ systems that are dependant on insulin and the transportation of glucose. The FDA now recommends that we get 130mcg of chromium per day in our diet or through supplementation in order to be able to facilitate the transportation of glucose across cell membranes. Research has shown that combining chromium with picolinic acid increases the absorption of the chromium by the body.

By increasing the efficiency of insulin in the body, metabolism is also increased. This makes chromium picolinate a desirable source for those in the weight loss market. Chromium picolinate is available in many natural weight loss preparations. Proponents of this substance claim that by increasing the efficiency of the bodies natural insulin, this substance can decrease the appetite, melt away more fat, and increase the metabolism. There have been some recent claims in the body building arena that this supplement can help build lean muscle mass and increase the strength if taken on a daily basis.

So how does this work exactly? Well normally the food that we eat is taken from the stomach to the small intestine. There it is broken down into amino acids and simple sugars. Insulin is produced in the pancreas to help digest and process the sugars or carbohydrates that we take in our diet. The insulin then works to move blood glucose to the individual cells. It moves the glucose across the cell membranes inside the cell where it can provide energy and allow that cell to function at peak performance.

Chromium works by increasing the efficiency of insulin helps to break down even more fat and glucose than it would normally. This helps to increase the metabolic rate to break down these substances to molecules that can be used by the body for energy. There have been some claims that by increasing the insulin efficiency that more serotonin is produced by the body thus in turn decreasing the appetite. In the body building arena, there are claims that chromium helps to increase the synthesis of certain proteins and amino acids. This leads to faster muscle growth. It also would lead to increased strength in the muscles that are present.

There are many claims about chromium picolinate on the internet and in print. However there is little scientific research to back up most of the claims. Since this is a nutritional supplement instead of a prescription drug it is not regulated by the FDA. Therefore it is a good idea for consumers to do their research prior to using substances such as this for weight loss. It would be wise to consult with a medical professional as to the safety of supplements such as this as well.

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