Chinese herbs for weight loss

If you are someone who has struggled with your weight, then you have probably tried any number of means to help you shed those pounds. One method that is not commonly known is the use of Chinese herbs for weight loss. Since Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years so it is only natural to expect that they would have found a basis for different herbs that can affect the body’s metabolism to help people lose weight; however, there are also Chinese herbs that have been considered to be of importance in the reduction of fat that is stored by the body.

The key to knowing which Chinese herbs for weight loss will work best for you is understanding your body and the reasons why you are unable to lose weight. If you are someone who has tried diet and exercise to no avail and you have cut back on your amount of fat intake, then using an herb that will help to increase your metabolism is something that could help you out considerably in the long run. Many times people who are at the end of their ropes do not understand that their body’s natural metabolism has slowed and by taking an herbal supplement you might be able to remedy this problem. These are the herbs that are most commonly used by people who have a “spare tire” around their mid-section.

The most common metabolism boosting Chinese herbs for weight loss are: cinnamon, ginger, eucommia bark, ginseng, astragalus, epimedium, and atractylodes. It is also important to note that taking these herbs is not a bad idea even if you are having some success on your weight loss quest as they can help your body’s digestive system to run more smoothly by increasing your body’s response to food that it eats and helping your metabolism to get on a reliable pattern.

Another type of Chinese herbs for weight loss that are most often used are those that are believed to help flush unnecessary fats and fluids from your body. These are also known to help your body function in a way that will process out the fat naturally, rather than to prevent its absorption altogether. This is a good option for people who are unable to cut fat from their diets, and some believe that they could even help to reduce your cholesterol because of this, but it has not been proven. The herbs used for this kind of weight loss include: glechoma, hawthorn berry, magnolia bark, citrus peel, and citrus aurantium.

Chinese herbs for weight loss also include a group that is believed to help detoxify your body and work to help suppress your desire to eat naturally. Some of these herbs are believed to work by working to reduce the acid in your body that is generally believed to be at the root for cravings in individuals. These herbs include coptis, rhubarb, and scute. However, there are also herbs that work to suppress appetites that arise from problems with emotional eating. This is a type of eating habit that often occurs in individuals who are depressed, stressed, or anxious. The herbs that are most often used for this kind of emotional eating include: bupleurum root, longan fruit, magnolia bark, biota seeds, and mint zizyphus.

There is no one set prescription of Chinese herbs for weight loss that will work for every individual. The best way to make sure that you are doing something that will work for you is to understand the root cause of why you are unable to lose weight and then choose from the group of Chinese herbs that best correlates to your needs.

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    A good book on weight loss using Chinese medicine principles is “Feed your Tiger” by Letha Hadady, L.Ac.

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