Chi Machine

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine was invented by a Japanese scientist by the name of Dr. Shizou Inoue. The claims made on this machine is that it will oxygenate the blood by using passive aerobic exercise and that it will also accomplish the detoxification of the human body. It is a machine that operates by gently moving the body from side to side very similar to someone holding your ankles and swinging them from side to side after a massage. This gentle movement can help you relax as it does all of the work while you lie on your back.

The Chi Machine is classified as a medical device in the United States by the FDA under Regulation #890.5660. However, it is currently not recognized by the scientific medical community as being a viable device for medical treatment of any kind. It has actually been medically licensed in 2 other countries as well and holds 26 global patents. The Chi Machine has been for sale on the market since 1990. Millions of people have purchased it around the world since it was first released on the market.

The Chi Machine looks like a box that has a “ankle cradle” on top which moves from side to side. The person who uses the Chi Machine simply lies down on their back and places their ankles in the cradle, relaxes and lets the machine do what it is was created to do, move the legs of the person from side to side. When turned on, the ankle cradles will move from side to side at around 140 oscillations per minute.

The Chi Machine is claimed to be able to:

  • Oxygenate the body and the spine
  • Align the spine
  • Provide passive exercise for the user
  • Stimulate weight loss
  • Eliminate fatigue and energize the body
  • Increase blood flow as it improves circulation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Provide relief from stress
  • Stimulate the lymph glands for optimum health
  • Help the body to release toxins and excess fluids

People who use the Chi Machine regularly claim that they notice all of the above benefits when they use the machine on a consistent basis. Users typically use the Chi Machine about 20 to 30 minutes a day. The machine moves the body from side to side in an S motion. Many people liken this movement as the movement of a fish as it swims in water.

The Chi Machine’s effectiveness was proven during a study done by Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia in June 2000. It was then documented that people who participated in the study lost an average of 1.32 pounds and 1.5 oz of fluid from their legs after using the machine.
The person who uses the Chi Machine for 20 minutes a day can get the same aerobic benefit equal a brisk 90 minute walk on a treadmill. This is great news for people who want to lose weight and gain the health benefits that one gets from exercise only with very little effort and a lot less time. You also will not experience sore and achy muscles that people normally get from regular aerobic exercise. This is because there is no lactic acid build up in the muscles when you use the Chi Machine.

People who use the Chi Machine daily can remain relaxed and calm throughout the day. This manufactures and maker of this machine boasts that it can help one maintain mental clarity as well as giving one relief from anxiety and depression. Using the machine regularly can also alleviate back pain and tension in your shoulders and neck as it aligns the spinal column. Detoxification of the body takes place as the Chi Machine enables the body to release toxins from drugs and other chemicals. It helps improve internal organ functioning as well.

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