Cherry angiomas natural treatments

Many people develop cherry angiomas after the age of 40. They also occur in younger people as well only not as often. These are small benign tumors on the surface of the skin that are cherry red to purple in color. Cherry angiomas are also called “De Morgan spots” or “Senile angiomas”. They are usually less than 1/10th of a millimeter or less in size in when they first form. As the person gets older the cherry angiomas can increase in size, up to more than a centimeter in some cases. People can develop a single cherry angioma or a whole group of them. If a group forms the cluster can turn into a ‘polypoid angioma’. Most people develop cherry angiomas on their trunk, arms or legs. They will occasionally form on the face and neck as well. Cherry angiomas are filled with blood and can bleed if scratched.

Because cherry angiomas can cause affect one’s appearance and bleed if scratched, many people will try to eliminate them even though they are harmless. The most common way to remove them is to go have them surgically removed by a doctor. The doctor will use electrosurgery, cryotherapy or laser vaporization to remove cherry angiomas. These procedures can cause skin damage to the surrounding skin which is why a lot of people look for natural treatments for cherry angiomas. There are all kinds of products that you can buy that are advertised as natural treatments for these cherry red tumors on the skin. Look for products that contain natural ingredients for curing cherry angiomas

Cherry angiomas natural treatments that you can make up and try at home can vary. These natural treatments can take a lot longer to remove the angiomas, but can provide long term benefits. Maintaining healthy skin is the most important step among all of the cherry angiomas natural treatments. This entails drinking plenty of fresh water to help keep the skin hydrated and free of disease. Vitamin A and E also play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

Some of the most popular of the cherry angiomas natural treatments:

  • Involves the use of sandalwood and fresh basil leaves. Since sebaceous gland clogging is thought to be the cause of cherry angiomas the glands need to be cleared of skin oil. Mixing and applying a paste of sandalwood and basil leaves can help unclog the gland.
  • Uses apple cider vinegar. According to some people, constantly soaking the tumor in apple cider vinegar can make it fall off. A vigil of soaking the cherry angioma in the vinegar must be kept up daily for about two weeks for it to be effective however.
  • Crushed Strawberry leaves. Some people make a paste of crushed strawberry leaves and apply it daily to remove these tumors too.
  • Using various kinds of Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is another one if the natural and effective home treatments.
  • Changing your diet. Making a change in your diet is also a recommendation for treating cherry angiomas naturally. Avoid all junk food and oily foods that can clog sebaceous glands. Eat more fruits and vegetables for healthier skin as well.
  • Reduce stress. Reducing the amount of stress in your life can help eliminate the appearance of cherry angiomas is thought to be beneficial too.

When searching for cherry angiomas natural treatments you can go online and read the various testimonials written by actual people who have tried them. This is the best way to get honest opinions. You can also find advice by experts online about how to treat these skin tumors naturally. Make sure you read reviews about the natural products being advertised as treatments for cherry angiomas before you try them. There are all kinds of websites online that have reviews and testimonials.

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