Chantix is a prescription drug aimed at smoking cessation. Chantix is unique because it contains no nicotine. Rather, Chantix works in the brain by preventing receptors from releasing dopamine. The result is the smoker no longer receives pleasure from smoking and quitting will be easier. Usually the nicotine from the cigarette travels to the brain and releases dopamine, a natural high. With Chantix, this is blocked. Chantix comes with two parts for addressing the physical and behavioral challenges to quit smoking. Research shows that multiple-faceted programs are more effective in quitting smoking.

Chantix comes with a prescription pill to take everyday. Smokers do not have to quit smoking until the eighth day on the plan. When nicotine no longer releases as much dopamine, the smoker does not get the same pleasure from smoking and it will be physically easier to quit. Since Chantix itself contains no nicotine, the smoker is not vulnerable to addiction to the smoking cessation drug.

Chantix comes with a plan called GETQUIT. It includes a 12-week step by step help for attacking the other problems that smokers have when quitting, including emotional, environmental, and behavioral. GETQUIT includes online and phone support. It is a good program for helping you to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is no easy feat. In order to quit, the smoker must be ready to handle the challenges of quitting. Chantix can help to reduce the cravings and feelings associated with smoking that gives pleasure to smokers. Smokers must be ready to change their environment, such as not buying any more packs, not hanging around triggering places or friends, and letting everyone know that they are trying to quit. It is very important to have support for quitters since it is easy to start smoking again. Being around people who still smoke is triggering, and the smell of cigarette smoke will cause the quitter to want to smoke again.

Many smokers worry about the potential for weight gain. It is important for quitters to begin to take care of their bodies as a whole, including eating regular, healthy meals and exercising regularly. After quitting smoking, smokers will no longer experience shortness of breath and will be able to exercise longer and work to maintain their weight or even lose weight. With the proper tools and support at their sides, smokers can become quitters.

The risk for relapse is high in smokers. Many smokers quit over five times over their lifetime. Chantix can help make this the one that will last with its unique two-part plan. It is important for the smoker to have alternatives to smoking and relieving stress. The key is to pick something that does not damage the health of the smoker, and helps to relieve stress and distract from the craving for nicotine. Ideas are: chewing gum, drinking lots of water, exercising, writing in a journal, taking a walk around the block, reading a book or magazine, listening to music, talking to a friend, and going out with non-smoking friends.

With the help of prescription drugs like Chantix, and a behavioral modification plan that GETQUIT offers, smokers will be able to stop smoking and stop the endless rollercoaster of quitting and relapse. With tools and support at their side they will have endless help for quitting smoking and regaining their health back. By using alternatives to smoking, they will be able to replace the habit with something more productive and constructive, such as writing, exercising, or listening to music. Everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes and Chantix can offer the solution to those who have tried and tried with no lasting results.

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