Women’s Health

Nutrition for pregnant women

There are many things for pregnant women to worry about, nutrition being only one of them. Pregnant women are under an incredible amount of pressure to do everything right for their baby, and it might often seem that everyone has an opinion – and of course, there is a reason for that. Pregnant women have […]

Herbal supplements for menopause

Women have been going through menopause ever since the first woman stood up right and walked. And you can bet that, since that time, women have suffered all the side effects, ailments and complaints associated with that great change of life. Also since that time, women – often the traditional healers among our ancient ancestors […]

Heart disease in women

Women are just as likely to be diagnosed with a heart disease as men are so it is important to always be aware of possible heart conditions that could occur. Heart disease in women is not all that uncommon and it is actually the most common cause of death for all women over 65. Statistically […]

Bioidentical hormone therapy

There has long been a cult of mystique around the advent of menopause in women. Women, differentiated from men by their ability to have children and menstruate, lose that ability when they grow older. Suddenly they are in a state of flux – no longer of child bearing age, yet still – in this day […]

Premenopausal symptoms and treatments

Premenopause can best be described as the specific stage in a woman’s life prior to the onset of menopause. It is often referred to as perimenopause and is typically the stage at which the menstrual cycle will permanently cease. Most women begin to experience premenopausal symptoms at approximately 45 years of age, although women as […]

PCOS syndrome diet

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a metabolic disorder that affects up to 7% of all women. It is actually the number one cause of infertility and if left untreated, is known to increase the risk of endometrial cancer. Women with PCOS are also at a far greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. Due to […]

Natural hormone therapy

Women can experience unpleasant side effects from menopause for several years before they have come and gone. In fact some women may experience things such as night sweats, moods swings, hot flashes, thinning hair, weight gain, night sweats, and general irritability for years before they are completely finished with having menstrual cycles. There are four […]

Hysterectomy side effects

Women who are considering surgically inducing menopause through a hysterectomy will want to know about all of the different side effects which can very easily become a problem after the procedure has been completed. In a hysterectomy the uterus is removed from a woman’s body and they are most commonly performed on women who are […]

Fertility supplements for women

Infertility is, unfortunately, a growing medical issue in both men and women. It affects millions of couples in America, due to physical reasons in reproductive health or simply waiting too long to try and get pregnant. After discovering infertility, the first thought is to want treatment right away; a quick fix for a large problem. […]

Female libido enhancer

A woman’s libido can be dramatically decreased at certain time during her lifetime. It is at these times that women may need to find a female libido enhancer to continue to have a healthy and active sex life. There are many options to choose from. There are all kinds of causes for low female libido […]


If there is one thing that women dread universally, it is menopause. And while women may dread it universally, they might all have different reasons for dreading it. For some, it signifies the loss of their dewy youth, when anything was possible. For others it is a time that shows their child bearing years are […]

Testosterone levels in women

Testosterone is an androgen. It is a steroid hormone that is associated with male sexuality and development. This hormone is responsible for the development of male characteristics like male sex organs, deep voice, facial hair, etc. However this hormone is present in women, too. Testosterone is present in the testes of men and the ovaries […]

Estroven review

Menopause is a natural and normal stage of life that all women must go through when their body begins to produce less estrogen due to menopause. Some women go through menopause at an earlier age than others. Menopause is a gradual process that begins when the woman’s ovaries stop producing egg follicles. Most women experience […]

Treatment for thinning hair in women

Thinning hair in men is common, but it can also occur in women. An average amount of hair loss of up to about 100 hairs a day is common in women. Any more than that can be a cause for alarm. The biggest cause of hair loss or thinning hair in women can be a […]

Breast reduction surgery

When a surgical procedure is done to change the size or shape of breasts it is called mammoplasty surgery. Breast reduction surgery is a one form of mammosplasty. Most people think of breast augmentation or implants, rather than breast reduction when the subject of breast surgery comes up, but breast reduction surgery is also a […]

Fitness supplements for women

If you’re part of the dieting and exercise world, you can’t avoid the banter about nutritional supplements. Advertisements and headlines are everywhere you turn, especially if you’re fond of fitness magazines and watching television. These days, who isn’t? There are so many fitness supplements advertised for women that are said to help you lose weight, […]

Pregnancy and fibroids

A pregnant woman often has to go for an ultrasound or pelvic exam. These exams are necessary for the physician to understand the condition of the woman’s baby and her uterus. Many women discovered, during these tests, the presence of uterine fibroids in their uterus. These growths, on or in the uterus, usually are harmless […]

Low estrogen symptoms

Estrogen is a female hormone that is produced by a woman’s ovaries. This hormone plays a vital role in a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle. As a woman ages her estrogen levels begin to decline when she nears menopause. During the perimenopause stage, or just before menopause, a woman’s estrogen levels can fluctuate wildly. Since estrogen […]

FSH levels and menopause

Menopause is different in every woman; some have worse symptoms than others, and those “others” seem not to be bothered at all by menopause. These symptoms may include irregularities in the menstrual cycle, depression, irritability, sleep disorders, hot flushes, memory problems, and more. Menopause starts with a hormone called FSH, or follicle-stimulating hormone, and it […]

Fertility monitor

Fertility monitors are designed to help couples know what the best times of their cycle would be to conceive a pregnancy. These monitors help people who have been trying to conceive previously but have been unable to do so. The monitors help to narrow down the few days of the month that are optimum for […]

Estrogen replacement therapy

Estrogen replacement therapy, commonly known as hormone replacement therapy, is meant to give women hormones in an effort to treat or prevent the symptoms of certain conditions or the actual condition itself. The most common condition is menopause; the therapy is used to replace the hormones that a woman’s body no longer makes after menopause. […]

Natural birth vs. Epidural birth

During pregnancy many women are adamant about one side of the birthing spectrum: those that are all for a natural birth, and those that would opt for the epidural birth when given a choice. This choice is dependent upon two equally important, but sometimes conflicting things: the women’s personal preference and the status or progression […]

Female pattern hair loss treatment

We typically think of pattern baldness as only affecting males, but females, it can happen to you too. Just as male pattern baldness is genetic, it is also genetic in females. Another term for female baldness, and the most commonly seen in women and unrelated to genetics, is androgenetic alopecia, or a sensitivity to the […]

Fibroids treatment

Fibroids are a very common growth in a female’s uterus. They are noncancerous growths that often appear during the childbearing years; they aren’t associated with any increased risk of cancer nor do they develop into cancer. In fact, uterine fibroids are usually symptomless, so many women don’t know that they have them. They are more […]

Breast implants cost

Breast augmentation has taken on many forms over the past few years. Breast implants however, still remain the most commonly chosen method of obtaining larger breasts. The cost of breast implant surgery will vary depending on a number of factors like the surgeon chosen, the region where you live and have the surgery performed, the […]

PMDD symptoms and treatment

PMDD – the acronym for premenstrual dysphoric disorder – is a quite common disorder affecting women all over the world; approximately, two to ten per cent of women who are menstruating suffer from this disorder. Although it is not really considered as a ‘disease”, it is known for seriously disrupting the lives of women. As […]

HIV/AIDS symptoms in women

There is a possibility that you could be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS even if you are a female. Even though you may have the condition though it may not be easily noticed as it is not uncommon for there to be no noticeable signs. HIV/AIDS symptoms in women are sometimes noticeable but usually there are only […]

Breast enlargement pills

Many girls begin to notice an increase in the size of their breasts at an age as early as 10 years old, whereas many others will not start maturing until they reach an age of approximately 13 to 14. Once the breast tissues begin to develop, this is typically the first signs of puberty in […]

Increase breast milk production naturally

There are many things that are classified as “do-it-yourself”, otherwise known as DIY. Who knew that DIY applied to increasing the production of milk that a mother can supply to her youngster. A mother’s worrying never ceases to start early in life. For every breastfeeding mother, there is also the occasional worry that she is […]

Mastitis symptoms

Mastitis is a breast infection that usually occurs during the first few weeks of breast feeding, but may occur at any point while a woman is still nursing. Mastitis is a breast tissue infection that causes swelling, redness and, of course, pain. Mastitis most often affects females that are in the beginning stages of breast-feeding, […]