Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin D2

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. This vitamin regulates phosphorous and calcium levels in the body, lending to its important role in bone growth. . It has two forms that are important to the human body: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). Ergocalciferol is manufactured by plants or fungi. Cholecalciferol can be consumed through some […]

Vitamins for diabetics

People who have diabetes have to watch their diet and lifestyle very closely or they will be at risk of having side effects of the disease. In addition to adhering to a diabetic diet, there are certain vitamins and minerals that diabetics need in increased amounts due to their disease. We will discuss the individual […]

Organic vitamins

Vitamins are chemicals that are necessary for a good heath. The body requires vitamins in order to perform its everyday functions. There are many kinds of vitamins found naturally in food, and each of them performs a different function when absorbed in the body. These vitamins are vitamin A,B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin […]

Sublingual Vitamin B12

Sublingual Vitamin B12 is an extremely important component in the B complex vitamins. The B complex vitamins have very important roles in our health and our cell metabolism. These are water soluble vitamins. What that means is that they are not stored in the body. If the body does not use what is available on […]

Vitamin B2 benefits

There are a variety of B vitamins that are needed by the body to perform certain functions; particularly, they partake in cellular metabolism. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is an easily absorbed, water-soluble vitamin that must be replenished daily because our bodies cannot store it in significant amounts. Like the other B vitamins, vitamin […]

Multivitamins for women

The lives of modern day women can be very hectic. The tasks that women perform each day can be done under higher stress levels than ever before. Women work harder at jobs and play harder today that their ancestors ever did. Multivitamins for women can aid in lowering the effects that stress has on the […]

Vitamin B6

Our bodies need many different vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and function properly; vitamin B6 is just one of those vitamins which you will need to get plenty of and for many different reasons. This vitamin is often referred to as the “mood vitamin”, mostly because of the fact that it helps to promote […]

Thiamine mononitrate

Thiamin, also known as B1, was one of the first vitamins discovered, and is one of the eight vitamins in the B complex that is water-soluble. It is an essential micronutrient needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain. Thiamine mononitrate is a form of this vitamin that can be found in […]

Liquid vitamins

Very recently there were some quite remarkable claims made about liquid vitamins, and they were even hailed as a miraculous breakthrough in the diet supplement industry. However once the FTC became involved, it was soon found that these claims were unsubstantiated and therefore legal action was taken. So it appears that there was no miracle […]

Calcium hydroxyapatite

Calcium is necessary for healthy bones. For calcium to be absorbed properly you need certain other minerals as well like magnesium and phosphorus. When calcium is not absorbed adequately it can result in osteoporosis, cramps, bone fractures, colitis, brittle nails, dental problems, buxism and insomnia. The type of calcium on the market today that is […]


One of the basic members of the cobalamin family compounds is hydroxocobalamin. This is a particular form of vitamin B12 that is used to produce the vitamin commercially. Hydroxyocobalamin is very red in color. It is converted by the body to usable forms of vitamin B12. Some forms of vitamin B12 are produced commercially as […]

Selenium benefits

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that everyone needs to help maintain bodily healthy bodily function. Selenium is found in almost every cell in the body. The kidneys, spleen, liver and pancreas are the areas the body that have the most concentrated amounts of selenium. If you do not having enough selenium you can be […]

Vitamin B12 benefits

Vitamin B12 is an extremely important nutrient that can help to support high levels of energy, mental clarity and emotional stability. It is also associated with lower homocysteine levels, which can actually lessen the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B12 is actually the largest of all the vitamins and, indeed, the most complex. It contains […]

Ferrous gluconate

Ferrous gluconate is an iron supplement used to treat iron deficiency anemia or prevent low levels of iron in the blood. The latter reason is often a result of pregnancy. Iron is a critical component in delivering oxygen to various bodily tissues, muscles, and organs. Ferrous (iron) gluconate is the product of iron salt from […]

Riboflavin foods

Riboflavin is another name for vitamin B2. This is a water-soluble vitamin that is easily absorbed in the body. A daily supply of riboflavin is needed since very little of this vitamin is stored in the body. Riboflavin is needed for metabolizing carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids. It also is needed to help the […]

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K was first discovered in the 1920s and is a fat-soluble vitamin. It plays an important role in blood coagulation. There are three forms of vitamin K which are vitamin K1, vitamin K2 and vitamin K3. Vitamin K2, also called menaquinone and it is the most superior form of Vitamin K. You can buy […]

Calcium orotate

Calcium orotate is a very common and major part of most effective calcium supplements. Many studies have been done and the results have always been the same. Calcium orotate is a much more effective ingredient for calcium supplements than calcium carbonate. It is far more superior in many reasons but is mostly preferred as it […]

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is also known as vitamin C. Is not made by the body and must be obtained through the foods that we eat. Ascorbic acid is an essential water soluble vitamin that you can find in fruits and certain vegetables. This is an important antioxidant and helps maintain 300 metabolic functions in the body. […]

Vitamin K deficiency

Vitamin K is one of the many vitamins our bodies need to function and grow properly. Each vitamin plays a different role, and all roles are important and essential. Vitamin K is a group of fat-soluble vitamins required for blood coagulation and other metabolic functions. Learn about the role of vitamin K, foods that contain […]

Zinc deficiency symptoms

Zinc is an important trace element in the human body. It helps to facilitate the production of needed enzymes as well as the function of the immune system, protein synthesis, wound healing and is also an important element in fertility and conception. Zinc is a naturally occurring element found in many foods such as poultry, […]

Good food sources of iron

Iron is an important mineral used by the body to produce red blood cells or more specifically, the protein in red blood cells. Iron in the body helps the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body and is vital for the proper functioning of the muscles, tissues and other systems throughout the body. An iron […]

Vitamin b12 injections

Vitamin B12 injections are typically given to patients who are diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency and/or have medical conditions that prevent them from absorbing B12 into their bodies. They are also given to patients who have diseased intestines or have had portions of their stomachs or intestines removed due to conditions such as cancer […]

Vitamin A deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin A is a major cause of preventable blindness in children; while vitamin A deficiency is very rare in developed countries, it can be quite common in developing countries. It results when an individual does not get enough vitamin A through the diet or dietary supplements. Along with vitamin A comes various side […]

Iodine supplements

Iodine is one of the minerals that the body must get in through the diet because it cannot produce it on its own; furthermore, iodine is needed to stimulate certain functions in the body. Not getting enough of it results in a chain reaction. However, for many people, getting iodine in through the diet is […]

Vitamin B6 deficiency

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is one of the water-soluble B-complex vitamins. It has major and important roles in the body; without any of the B vitamins, our bodies would be in serious trouble. As a whole, the B vitamins are somewhat responsible for the metabolic processes that go on in each and every […]

Vitamin drinks

If you’re even remotely interested in nutrition, you’ve undoubtedly heard about vitamin drinks and their potential health benefits. After all the hype we hear about them, it is very tempting to grab one as an on-the-go boosting snack during the day. Healthy and refreshing, these drinks are supposed to supply us with much needed energy […]

Vitamin D sources

A vitamin D deficiency is very common but most people do not know that they have it. Many people do not get enough vitamin D in their diet and they do not even realize it. For those that do realize it there is the chance to make up for the deficiency of this vitamin. The […]

Chromium picolinate

Chromium iodinate is a nutritional supplement that is used to facilitate weight loss and help assist in the optimization of the efficiency of the working of insulin. This nutritional supplement is a combination of the trace mineral chromium and picolinic acid. Chromium is normally found in the diet. It is usually found in foods such […]

Calcium pyruvate

Calcium pyruvate is a substance that is naturally formed in our bodies. It is known to contribute to the digestion of carbohydrates and is essential for your metabolism. There is an unstable version of this specific substance that is known as pyruvic acid however this is typically stabilised by adding calcium. The compound calcium pyruvate […]

Vitamin D deficiency

In times past the peoples of the world were outside more often. They worked and played outside, while the indoor areas were used more for eating and sleeping. Today, a large part of the populace doesn’t go outside as much, and the lack of sunlight is causing damage to their bodies. The sunlight is utilized […]


Thiamine is one of the B vitamins; it is also known as vitamin B1. Like the other B vitamins, it is water-soluble, and partakes in many chemical reactions taking place in the body. Without the B vitamins, many metabolic processes and other processes would not take place and it would result in serious consequences. It […]

Vitamin E benefits

Foods are filled with a combination of different nutrients that our bodies need to survive; it’s almost as if they were designed just for that reason…to keep us alive! Each nutrient plays a different role in the body. One general category of nutrients is vitamins; within this category, there are a variety of vitamins that […]

Vitamin E oil

We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to our health, but very few of us know which vitamins are vital to which healthful processes. We may know that Vitamin D comes from the sun and is good for our mood for example, or that iron strengthens our blood, but at the same time, […]

Liquid vitamin A supplements

Did you know that liquid vitamin A supplements can save your eye sight when you get older? The fact is vitamin A is an essential vitamin that we need to maintain proper eye and skin health. In particular, vitamin A is extremely essential for good eye health. Vitamin A deficiency just happens to be a […]

Germanium supplement

Germanium is a non essential trace mineral. As of yet, there has been no Recommended Daily Amount determined by the FDA. Germanium is found on in most plants and is abundant on the surface of the earth. The use of a Germanium supplement began in Japan in the early 1970s. However, it is thought by […]

Sublingual methyl B12

Sublingual methyl-B12 is a dietary supplement that provides vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin. The sublingual form dissolves quickly and is easily absorbed in the bloodstream through sublingual tissues. Sublingual methyl-B12 supplements sometimes contain natural sweetening and dispersing agents such as mannitol and xylitol. Methylcobalamin is one of the two active coenzymes forms of […]

Vanadyl sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate is a compound of vanadium. Vanadium is a trace mineral that is found in various fish and vegetables. It is often praised as the best source of vanadium due to the high stability of the compound. Vanadyl sulfate is sometimes found in dietary supplements and medications. Vanadyl sulfate offers the same effects that […]

Folic acid benefits

Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B, specifically Vitamin B 9. In plants, Vitamin B is found in the ‘Folate’ form, a chemical form which occurs naturally. The ‘Folic’ form, which does not occur naturally in either plants or in the human body, is the more stable form and this, is the form in […]

Ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is prescribed to treat an iron deficiency. Ferrous sulfate provides the body with a sufficient amount of iron to follow through with the process of creating red blood cells. Ferrous sulfate is often used to treat and prevent anemia which results from an iron deficiency. If anemia occurs as a result of an […]

Vitamin D, calcium and osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, meaning ‘porous bones’, is a health condition where the bones of the body become vulnerable to fractures and damages. Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and susceptible to breakage, sometimes even at the tiniest amount of strain on them. Osteoporosis results in low bone density, and deterioration of bone tissues. Osteoporosis generally affects the […]

Vitamin K benefits

Vitamin k is actually a fat soluble vitamin which is very essential of our body. It is found in the colon in the form of an intestinal bacteria made in the colon by intestinal bacteria. This bacterium is made naturally into the colon and from where it is absorbed back into the colon walls and […]

Vitamin D3 benefits

Most Americans do their best to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, all the conflicting information out there – on television, in magazines, on the internet, and even from the pens of experts in medical journals – can make staying healthy the right way a difficult and challenging task. For example, most of us know that […]

Colloidal minerals

Scientists and dietitians everywhere are in agreement: minerals are 100% essential for optimum health and physical performance. No matter who you are, from a college athlete to a white collar Joe, the power of minerals to enhance your physical abilities, revolutionize your health and hugely increase your personal well being is well documented. With a […]

Pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin also known as Vitamin B5. It is a water soluble vitamin that is a necessary requirement of the human body. Pantothenic acid is needed by the body in order to from coenzyme A and is also crucial in metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates and fats inside the body. Coenzyme A is […]

Liquid calcium

We all know that calcium plays an extremely important role in our bodies. Everyone knows that it’s important to have a sufficient amount of calcium in order to keep our teeth and bones strong, but calcium actually has several other benefits that many people are unaware of. The average dose that is recommended for daily […]

Benefits of vitamin D

All vitamins are important for our bodies, but just how important is vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential in helping our bodies absorb calcium. Without vitamin D we could develop numerous health problems. Vitamin D plays an important role in preventing many maladies that a lot of people may not even be aware of. Recent […]

Brain vitamins

Without having the proper nutrition, our brain cannot function to the best of its ability. It is crucial to have the proper vitamins and nutrients to feed our brains to allow proper stimulation and growth. Our brain controls everything we do. Malnutrition of the brain can cause so many problems in the rest of our […]

Ascorbyl palmitate

If you’ve looked at a list of ingredient for, say, orange juice or food coloring, you have probably come across the words ‘ascorbic acid’ or ‘ascorby palmitate’. These are highly technical words and they probably didn’t make sense to you, but they are merely referring to the different forms of a very common chemical. It […]

Riboflavin deficiency

Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, is a type of water-soluble micronutrient that contributes towards good health in animals and humans. It plays a vital role in the growth of the body and production of red cells. It is needed for healthy growth of skin, hair, nails and proper thyroid activity. Riboflavin is known to act like […]

Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is not an actual vitamin but a glycoside. The formal name of this substance is Amygdain. Most people know of this substance by another name, Laetrile. This substance can be extracted from the seeds of the bitter almond tree. Amygdain can also be extracted from the kernels or cakes of the bitter almond […]


Did you know that sun bathing is not just a fun past time for the rich and famous? In reality, sun bathing is an important part of a healthy routine for every person because the sun, or rather the ultra violet rays from the sun, allow your skin to synthesize vitamin D. Vitamin D is […]

Liquid vitamins vs. Vitamin pills

If you have been alive during the past 40 years, then it would be almost impossible for you to have failed to learn that vitamins and minerals are important for our health. If you watch the news, read magazines or the internet, or view late night television commercials, you likely also know that we often […]

Vitamin E food sources

The human body relies on the consumption of the right kinds of foods to maintain health. If you are not sure that you are not getting enough of the vitamin and nutrients that you need, you should consider taking supplements. When it comes to vitamin E, the body needs to consume enough of certain foods […]

Curcumin supplements

Curcumin is an active ingredient that is found in the East Indian curry spice Turmeric. It is bright yellow in color and has been widely used to color foods with for many years. It has also been used as an ingredient in medicines in both India and Egypt for thousands of years. For over forty […]

MSM powder

MSM powder is something you may have never heard of, but you wouldn’t be here without the base element, sulphur. MSM powder is made from a substance found in all living things and is required for all body systems and organs. It is found in most foods including meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, and milk. However […]

Potassium supplements

After watching the television news, reading the newspapers, and seeing various stories on the internet, many of us know that we should be taking some kind of vitamins in order to supplement our health. After all, you can’t turn around lately without bumping into a news story about how Americans’ general health is declining, and […]

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms are most often seen in people who are vegetarians. It is a well-known fact that elderly vegetarians can suffer with B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms the most, even more so than any other group of people. The human body normally requires very little vitamin B 12 to maintain good health. However, not […]

GTF chromium

GTF Chromium is a substance that’s well known within the health community. Commonly used in diet supplements, this mineral offers increased energy levels, decreased appetite for carbohydrates and simple sugars and an overall feeling of appetite suppression. An active ingredient in hundreds of fitness related products, GTF Chromium is quickly becoming regarded as one of […]

Coral calcium

Coral calcium is obtained from the salt of calcium found on fossilized coral reefs. They are often retrieved from above ground limestone deposits that at one point were a part of living coral reefs. Because coral reefs are endangered, getting the coral calcium directly from them is illegal. Coral calcium is often marketed as a […]

Foods high in vitamin K

Eating plenty of foods high in Vitamin K will help keep you healthy and will meet some of your most important nutritional needs. However, some people with serious health conditions may want to avoid foods that are high in Vitamin K. For example, individuals who are taking an anticoagulant like Plavix for a heart condition […]


Benfotiamine is a synthetic version of vitamin B1, which is often known as thiamine. Used as a popular treatment and prevention tool for diabetes, particularly in Germany, it’s renowned as a highly effective and inexpensive form of B1 that’s easily soluble and absorbed by the body. For many people this presents a real miracle — […]

Vitamin B complex

People that aren’t efficient in the B vitamins can suffer a variety of systems. The B vitamin are actually a set of eight different vitamin. These vitamins are usually sold in formula is called vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex vitamins have all a vitamin B included in the bottle or container. The nine vitamins […]

Zinc picolinate

Over 30 percent of the population on this planet is at risk of having a zinc deficiency. Amazingly enough, zinc deficiency is actually one of the leading causes of disease in the world! Although zinc is a mineral commonly found in many foods, there are times when soil deficiencies can lead to a deficiency in […]

Vitamin A overdose

Taking vitamins is usually a very healthy and wonderful thing for our body. However, too much of anything can often lead to problems. This can definitely be true when it comes to taking vitamins. Either having a deficiency in vitamins or having an overdose of vitamins can both cause serious damage to the body. Vitamin […]

Foods high in folic acid

There are many vitamins that are essential to the human body, some of which you recognize but are probably not very familiar with. Although you might have heard of the B vitamin group, I’m betting that you cannot name more than a few of them individually. To help you move past that lack of knowledge, […]


While you may have never heard of tocotrienol before, the truth is that it is an important nutrient factor for the body, and it is classified as being a part of the vitamin E group. This is important to our bodies because if you are deficient in vitamin E your body and your DNA are […]


Vitamin B5 plays many important roles within the body. Vitamin B5 helps make red blood cells and hormones that are needed for the body to properly function. It is also responsible for converting carbohydrates and fats into energy for the body. An increase in antibodies is also a result of having enough Vitamin B5 and […]

Copper supplements

Before taking a copper supplement it is a good idea to know exactly what copper is and what it does for our bodies. Copper is very necessary for all animals, humans and many plants. It is carried in the bloodstream and absorbed through the stomach. Our bodies need copper to aid the body in the […]

Magnesium supplements

If you have been anywhere near a television over the past forty years, then chances are you have seen commercials, infomercials and health news segments all touting the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements. According to these adverts, people are simply not getting enough vitamins and minerals from their everyday lives. The ways that people […]

Vitamin B6 benefits

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is a nutrient that is essential for your good health. It is a water soluble vitamin that is necessary for over one hundred enzymes in the body to work to metabolize proteins. Vitamin B6 helps in the production of red blood cells and it is needed for the healthy function of the […]

Strontium supplement

Strontium is one of several very important minerals for good bone health, but few people have ever really heard of it. Strontium naturally occurs in the bones as well as in nature. It is actually fairly similar to calcium in many ways, including the fact that it helps with bone structure and density. In nature, […]


Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin that the body needs to grow and function properly. B12 helps with cell production and keeps the blood and nerves performing to the best of their ability. It also is necessary to aid in protein and tissue synthesis. There are people who can become deficient in Vitamin B12 […]

Vitamin deficiency symptoms

We all know how important vitamins are for keeping us healthy and strong but what happens to our bodies when we become deficient in these vital nutrients? Since there are so many vitamins and they all serve a different purpose, becoming deficient in one vitamin may present different symptoms than another. Vitamin A deficiency may […]

Folic acid

Folic acid is a type of vitamin B9 which offers a myriad of benefits to the body. It is the man-made or the synthetic version of folate, which can be found in a lot of fortified foods and supplements. The term folic is derived from folium, which is the Latin word for leaf and is […]

Best multivitamin/mineral supplements

Many people fail to consume enough of various important nutrients in their diet. Even a healthy diet can lack certain essential nutrients every day, so they need to be made up for somehow. A nutritional deficiency can be treated by using Xtend-Life Multi Xtra, a natural multi vitamin supplement. Multi Xtra is one of the […]

Chromium polynicotinate

As you may or may not know, more than 90% of adults in the United States are deficient in chromium. The reason for this is that chromium is not easily absorbed by the body through foods. Even if you are taking vitamin supplements you could be having a hard time getting enough chromium as the […]

Best vitamin supplements for children

Today’s modern diet with its glut of convenience foods is contributing to a vast number of illnesses for our children as well as an obesity epidemic like we have never before seen. Scientists have found nutritional deficits to be connected to many of the illnesses that have been rising over the past decade or two […]

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is a form of Vitamin D that is synthesized in the layers of the skin when it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Cholecalciferol is really not a vitamin but a type of metabolic hormone that is metabolized by the body into a vitamin source. Once it has […]

Vitamin A

Have you ever wondered how vitamins got their names? Why is vitamin A “A”? Does that mean it is the primary vitamin your body needs? Why is Vitamin B second? And what on earth is vitamin B12 then, if there is already a vitamin B? Is it simply an offshoot of vitamin B, or its […]

Best vitamins for men

First of all, the natural health product we’re going to introduce isn’t simply a multivitamin supplement, it’s a comprehensive health formula that contains 97 bio-active ingredients. Designed to addresses all the main causes of aging, this unique men’s supplement uses the best, most effective and natural forms of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, neuronutrients, carotenoids, […]

Best calcium supplements

Xtend-Life Bone-Protec is a 100% natural supplement that consists of a combination of eleven active ingredients which all work effectively to help strengthen your skeletal system. By using Bone-Protec you can improve your posture, become more mobile, increase your strength, minimize chronic pain, and lower the chance of developing a degenerative illness. This isn’t just […]

Natural vitamins for hair growth

Our hair is something that we all want to look great as well as be shiny and healthy. Appearance is very important for most people and our hair is a very big part of our appearance. It is also a big part of our health as well. What we eat and what we put into […]

Beta carotene

Beta carotene is one of the family of highly pigmented fat soluble compounds that are present in many of the vegetables and fruits, grains and certain oils. This substance can be converted by the body into Vitamin A. Beta carotene can be found in yellow, red and deep green foods such as carrots, squash, apricots, […]

Iron supplements

Iron is one of the most talked about and controversial supplements, largely in part to the fact that too little can result in severe medical conditions while too much can cause a dangerous toxicity problem. For the most part, Iron levels in humans are easy to maintain because it is such an abundant resource. However, […]

Carnitine supplement

There are many products and chemicals created by the human body that can facilitate muscle growth and fat loss, but most people think the only way to do this is by using expensive supplements with proprietary formulas. This simply just isn’t the case. There are a lot of products you can use that are natural […]


You have probably heard of the B complex vitamins, but I’m betting that you don’t know about each individual vitamin. Of all the B vitamins, one of the least talked about is Biotin, also known as B7, which was only discovered 6 decades ago. There are also hardly any cases of biotin deficiency, largely due […]

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin which the body needs to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also aids with the oral absorption of iron, which the body needs to carry oxygen throughout our bodies. Most people have been advised by somebody to take vitamin […]

Natural vitamins

A lot of people who take vitamin and mineral supplements on a regular basis do not realize that many of these products are comprised of synthetic materials. So, even if you are trying to get healthy, you could be putting even more chemicals into your body if you are not relying on natural vitamins. You […]

Niacin pills

All vitamins are good for our bodies. Each individual vitamin plays its own unique roll in keeping us healthy and strong. Without each and every vitamin we cannot function at our best and our body can become ill. Some of the most important vitamins for our body include the B vitamins. There are several B […]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin commonly found in foods such as fish, meat, and dairy products. Vitamin B12 helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells; it is needed to make DNA. This vitamin also maintains the central nervous system and regulates the metabolism. Vitamin B12 is bound to the protein in […]

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble nutrient that is used to help our bodies with several different functions. The main benefit of Vitamin K in our bodies is to help our blood clot. When we lack Vitamin K, our bodies are unable to solidify our blood after a cut or any damage done to a blood […]

Selenium supplements

Selenium is a mineral that plays an important part in your good health. The mineral in used by the body with proteins to create selenoproteins which are vital antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidant enzymes are used by the body to prevent the damage that occurs to the cells by free radicals. It is thought that free radicals […]

Vitamin D supplement

When you are thinking about the vitamins that are important to your daily well-being, then one that you should look into taking is a vitamin D supplement. This is because this vitamin is necessary to help in the absorption of calcium into the body. Our bodies can have difficulty making sure that the necessary calcium […]

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not just one vitamin. It is actually a name used to describe a group of fat-soluble compounds. These compounds are chemical forms known as alpha-, beta-, gamma-, delta-tocopherol, and alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocotrienol. Vitamin E is naturally found in some of the foods we eat, however, sometimes it is added to […]

B vitamins

B vitamins play an important role in our overall development and functioning. Without B Vitamins our minds and body would not be able to function properly. There are several different B Vitamins, each playing their own special role in our bodies. Most often these vitamins are found together in a B-Complex which joins all B […]

Prenatal vitamins

When a woman is pregnant she has to increase her intake in order to take in enough nutritionally to support both the needs of herself and her unborn infant. This is the reason that women are prescribed prenatal vitamins in order to make sure that both women and their infants receive all the supplements that […]


Niacin is the name of the Vitamin known as B3 (nicotinic acid). Niacin is a water-soluble nutrient found naturally in plants and animals. It is needed by the body in order to prevent the disease pellagra. Pellagra is caused when the body lacks enough niacin. The body also uses niacin to lower cholesterol and prevent […]

Best vitamins for women

What should women look for when searching for a vitamin supplement? Are any and all vitamin supplements the same? Well actually no, they are not! Women should look for formulas that are made for them. We should look for things that help us to balance our hormones. There are vitamin supplements that also have herbal […]

Zinc supplements

Zinc is an essential mineral that is consumed in our daily diet. It is responsible for several functions which make it essential to our overall health. Zinc plays a crucial role in keeping our immune system functioning at optimum levels. People with zinc deficiencies have been known to be much more prone to developing pneumonia […]

Calcium supplements

Calcium is a mineral that is used by the human body to produce strong bones and teeth. It is also used to regulate the heart beat. The biggest portion of calcium that is taken in by the body is stored in a person’s bones and teeth. If a person’s calcium needs are not met through […]