Vision Care

Macular degeneration treatment

Macular degeneration is a condition that is often very misunderstood. Many people believe that when you are diagnosed with macular degeneration that you will undoubtedly lose your eyesight, but this is not necessarily the case. Macular degeneration involves the slow deterioration of the cells in the macula. The macula is a small area near the […]

Cataract symptoms

Many people know the term cataract but they don’t actually know what it is until they or someone that they love are diagnosed with cataracts in one or both eyes. A cataract is actually a clouding of the usually transparent lens of the eye. Despite popular believe, cataracts are not tumors growing on the eye […]

Blepharitis treatment

The name, blepharitis, sounds really bad, but this is not a serious condition. Blepharitis is simply a name for inflamed eyelids. The eyelids are like any other part of the body, they can become irritated and inflamed. The inflammation on the eyelids is very much like eczema in appearance as they are often red and […]

Cataract surgery complications

Cataract surgery is generally a safe surgery to have. However, people who have cataract surgery can sometimes experience complications after surgery. Although it is extremely rare cataract surgery complications do happen for some people. These complications can be classified as either minor and temporary or major and permanent. These cataract surgery complications can include such […]

Night blindness causes

If you suffer from night blindness you might want to know night blindness causes so you can try to reverse the condition or seek help from a professional. Night blindness is also known as nyctalopia and is simply the inability to see in dark lighting conditions. When you are unable to discern shapes and images […]

Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery has become a new popular procedure performed on people who may have less than perfect vision. If you have heard of Lasik and are wondering what exactly it is and whether or not it is the right procedure for you, then continue reading to get some information about this surgery. Lasik is a […]

Laser eye surgery

Being able to see properly is one of the most crucial parts of life. For some this may require glasses or contacts to be worn in order to see the world more clearly. With today’s medical advances the option of laser eye surgery can be quite enticing to a lot of people, however not everyone […]