Skin Care

Acne light therapy

For as long as teenagers have started sprouting spots that make them think they are ugly and less attractive to the opposite sex, scientists, soothsayers and teenagers alike have been attempting to come up with a cure for acne. Pimples, zits, spots, bumps, whatever you want to call them, acne is the scourge of every […]

Sunburn blister treatment

Summer is on the way and with it comes the nasty sunburn that will affect all of us at some point and time. Everyone needs to know some tips and tricks to take care of that nasty burn once it hits home! Of course, try to avoid sunburn by applying sunscreen very frequently all day […]

Stretch mark removal

A lot of people have stretch marks that they hate and want to get rid of. Stretch marks are scars that show on the skin that have been caused by the skin stretching too far too fast with a substantial amount of weight gain. These are most often common in women after pregnancy, but can […]

Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is one of the most common skin disorders. In fact it is the fifth most common dermatological skin disorder that affects people today. Rosacea however is not very well known. Most people have it and do not even know that they have a medical condition. Since it is not well known it goes to […]

Skin lightening products

Skin lightening is also known as skin whitening or skin bleaching. This is a process in which cosmetic products are used to lighten the skin. Although it seems that a lot of people are interested in darkening their skin and having a nice tan, skin lightening is becoming extremely popular as well. Skin lightening is […]

Impetigo treatment

Impetigo is an infection of the skin that is caused by the staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria. You will find that it occurs more often than not in children as opposed to adults. The symptoms of impetigo are blisters that are relatively small in size which will eventually form into yellowish crusts and are found on […]

Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo is a medical condition that affects the skin. The cells that produce the pigmentation of our skin are called melanocytes. When these cells are destroyed, the pigment is no longer made and our skin loses its color. Most of the time vitiligo causes patches of non-pigmented skin to form on the body. People of […]

Contact dermatitis

When the skin comes into contact with a substance that causes an inflamed reaction of the skin, it is referred to as having contact dermatitis. There are several substances that can cause this sort of allergic reaction in a person. Not everyone will respond the same to the same substances. Some people are more prone […]

What causes dandruff

There are a few different reasons why a person can develop dandruff. Dandruff is the condition in which a person has an excessive flaky scalp. Our bodies are supposed to eliminate dead skin cells naturally but when a person has dandruff the elimination process is excessive and often skin cells that are not dead yet […]

Freckle cream

If you are someone who has had a lot of problems with your freckles, then you might have considered using a freckle cream in the past to help reduce the appearance of the freckles. When the creams work they help reduce the freckles so that they will not be as large of an issue when […]

Baby acne treatment

One thing that many parents are not prepared for is acne on their newborn baby. Baby acne is actually quite common and it will usually go away fairly quickly. While it can be a little disconcerting to find acne on your baby, there is really no treatment for it and it should be left alone […]

Skin whitening cream

You’ve heard of tanning lotion that helps people assist their skin in getting darker, but did you know that there is also cream to help people whiten their skin? It is called skin whitening cream, and although it goes by many names, it all does essentially the same thing, which is to lighten skin and […]

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is also referred to as dermatitis and eczema. Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that occurs when a person has a reaction to something that affects the skin. During a dermatitis flare up, a rash will appear and can be accompanied by severe itching. Atopic dermatitis can begin in childhood and last through […]

Edema treatment

Edema is the word used to describe water retention in the body’s tissues. This condition can be mild or very severe. Edema is very common in lots of people but the degree of severity can be very different from person to person. There are several different causes of water retention. Sometimes a medical problem like […]

Scabies treatment

Scabies is much more than an irritating rash. Scabies is caused by a mite called the Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a parasite with eight legs and is only 1/3 of a millimeter in size. These irritating mites burrow under your skin and cause intolerable itching to the skin. The mites are typically not visible, but […]

Acne treatments

There are many different acne treatments that will reduce oil production, speed up skin cell turnover, fight bacterial infection, reduce inflammation, or all four. The best acne treatment for you depends on the severity of your acne. It may take weeks before you see any improvements and sometimes with antibiotics for acne, things get worse […]

Eczema and psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis look very much alike and can be very difficult to differentiate from one another. There are even times when the doctor is unable to give a definitive diagnosis of the rash that you are experiencing, especially when it appears on the hands. Both eczema and psoriasis produce a red and scaly rash […]

Acne rosacea

Acne rosacea actually has nothing to do with acne at all. The correct term is actually just Rosecea. Rosecea is a skin disorder that is very common and affects lots of people all over the world. Because of its appearance many people often mistaken rosecea for acne but they are actually not related at all. […]

Baby eczema treatment

No one enjoys seeing their baby uncomfortable and if your child is suffering from eczema you may be on the search for some remedies or treatments to help ease your little ones discomfort. Eczema can be found in infants all the way up through adults. Unfortunately, eczema is not curable but there may be a […]

Skin wrinkles treatment

We may not be able to prevent the aging process from occurring but there are a few things we can do to help minimize the amount of wrinkles we get at an early age. By taking a few precautions now, we may be able to lesson the severity of the wrinkles we get in future […]

Baby heat rash

Heat rash can be seen in people of all ages, but it is very common in babies. When your little one has a heat rash you may notice a bunch of little bumps on the skin. When your baby is overheated these little red bumps can appear wherever sweat becomes trapped, typically under clothing or […]

Ingrown toenail treatment

Having an ingrown toenail can be extremely painful. An ingrown toenail can make walking very uncomfortable and lead to infection. Most often an ingrown toenail develops because a person trims the corners of their toenails down too far. A lot of people like to cut their toenails in a rounded off shape but this can […]

Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster is commonly called shingles and it is caused by the same virus that is responsible for the chicken pox. It is in the same family as herpes and can remain dormant in the body long after the patient has contracted the chicken pox. Anyone who has had the chicken pox is susceptible to […]

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as dandruff, is a disease that causes flaking of the skin. Normally it is found in the scalp but can appear on other areas of the body as well. This condition is often referred to as cradle cap when found on a baby’s scalp. Most babies that suffer from this condition […]

Eczema cream

Eczema is a form of dermatitis that causes the skin to be irritated and inflamed. If you suffer from eczema you may have experienced these symptoms along with itching, dry and scaly skin. Often the infected areas will have a different color such as red or brownish or it can even make the pigment of […]

Scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition in which skin cells reproduce too quickly. Psoriasis can be found anywhere on the body. Scalp psoriasis is the term used when psoriasis is found on the scalp and causes red lesions and scales to appear. This condition can range in severity. Often in a mild case the scaling will be […]

Laser treatment for stretch marks

Stretch marks can be such a nuisance and cause you to become very self conscious of your body. Usually a person gets stretch marks after a substantial weight gain that has caused the skin to stretch farther than it should. This can happen at any time during your life. Most pregnant women suffer from stretch […]

Facial moisturizer

Taking care of our bodies is extremely important in order to live a long and healthy life. That means that we must take care of not only the inside health, but also the outside. We may feel fantastic on the inside, but our face and bodies outward appearance can show just how well we really […]

Dandruff treatments

When you suffer from dandruff you can get frustrated and embarrassed. Dandruff can be mild or severe and prevent you from feeling comfortable or confident. The symptoms of dandruff include having a dry, often itchy scalp that results in flaking. For some people dandruff may not seem like a dry scalp at all but more […]

Laser acne treatment

Acne actually affects about 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Many people only experience this stubborn skin problem when they are in their teenage years, but for some it continues through adulthood. It is important to treat active acne because if it is left untreated it can cause scarring. Some people […]

Acne face wash

There are a lot of different kinds of products that you can use if you need a reliable acne face wash. However, it is important to remember that acne breakouts result in different people for a variety of reasons. This means that there are different formulations that are used to create an acne face wash […]

Eczema treatment

Eczema is a word used to describe many different types of skin inflammations, also known dermatitis. Although eczema is most often found in infants, people of all ages can suffer from this condition. If you have a family history of eczema or allergies then you or your children are at risk for developing eczema as […]

Natural ringworm treatment

Often when someone gets diagnosed with ringworm they think they have a worm under their skin causing an itchy red ring. Ringworm is also called tinea and the term tinea is Latin for “growing worm”. This has caused a lot of confusion since the infection ringworm has nothing to do with a worm at all. […]

Natural products for facial skin care

Many women still don’t know what’s their skin type and what products they should use in order to have smooth and beautiful skin. Instead of buying all the creams and lotions you can find and try them on your face (which could show no result or even worse, be dangerous to your skin), why not […]

Acne skin care

Caring for skin and make-up is said to be the expertise of women. Few men are fans of make-up, although many of them take care of their skin. Some of us may feel that skin care and make-up are two different subjects; however, they are intricately related because make-up works best if you possess healthy […]

Foods to eat for healthy skin

There is a saying that goes, “we are what we eat,” and this is true especially in terms of our skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it is indeed essential to treat it with care. Be aware of what you eat, because that is what your skin consumes as well. Vitamin A […]

Delicate skin care

Delicate skin care is regulated by a couple of simple rules; but before we discuss those rules, it is essential to understand what is meant by delicate skin. Delicate skin is strongly affected by bad conditions (environmental and others), and simply becomes irritated on physical contact with foreign matters (including many skin care products). Because […]

Anti-aging skin care products

There is a huge variety of different anti-aging skin care products in the market. They all have special specifications for particular skin conditions and desired results. The risk is big of getting something that is not needed or even harmful, so there is really wisdom in the advice to see a dermatologist first before buying […]

Tips on buying safe cosmetics and makeup products

Cosmetics been created in order to enhance women’s beauty and health, but during the last few years, doubts have appeared concerning some of the chemical substances used in cosmetics and beauty products. At the moment there are many scientific studies attempting to analyze these chemicals and their effect on our health, but while we’re still […]

Natural skin care products

Natural skin care enables the body to do what it naturally does to keep its skin healthy. That means the natural repairing and regenerating mechanism of the body that works in all its systems lets the skin takes care of its own self without the need of any chemicals and synthetic materials introduced into or […]

Organic skin care products

The finding of ways to improve the appearance of the skin has been one of the major preoccupations of mankind since the ancient times. The activity of developing different formulas and techniques of producing and maintaining a beautiful skin has evolved to become the powerful skin care industry that it is now. While the ingredients […]