Skin Care

TCA peels

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) peel is a skin care product used to peel the skin. They are extremely useful in helping enrich the skin, making it youthful and velvety smooth. They are also able to enhance the color of the skin by removing the lesser discolorations of the skin as well as removing fine lines. However, […]

Cellulitis treatment

Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. It is not a superficial infection; it is involved with the deep dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin. A staph infection is the most likely cause of cellulitis. This occurs on any area of the body, but the legs are the most common area. The infected […]

Natural face moisturizers

People say that you start to age ever since the day that you are born! Undoubtedly aging is one thing that no one can prevent or avoid experiencing. However, what we can do is to ensure our skin greater care and attention to keep it looking as great as possible for as long as possible, […]

Acne skin treatments

Teenagers have a tough time of it. When children hit the age of 11 or 12, they are already going through hormonal changes. Boys’ voices are deepening, girls are beginning menstruation, and everyone is growing taller and shapelier. Mental changes are kicking in, too. Teens suddenly find the opposite sex attractive. And with that realization, […]

Dry skin patches

Dry skin patches are a common occurrence for many people and are definitely one of the more common skin conditions that people are likely to be affected with sometime during their life. Dry skin patches have a wrinkly appearance and show up in patches on various body parts. Most commonly they can be found either […]

Scalp acne treatment

Scalp acne is a condition which can be extremely difficult to fully treat. It is especially complicated when attempting to cure scalp acne with other scalp issues interfering such as dandruff. Scalp acne is not a unique condition but rather it is just acne which happens to affect the scalp area as well. Scalp acne […]

Laser hair growth

Laser hair growth is a relatively new idea that has become a highly popular treatment for hair loss. One of the main advantages to laser hair growth over other hair loss treatments is the fact that it does not require invasive surgery. When used with certain hair loss treatment products like Rogaine and Propecia, laser […]


There are many Aminogenesis products on the market. All of them have been receiving a fair share of media attention. Aminogenesis Triceptinon is one of their main products which have a lot of people talking. The use of Aminogenesis Triceptinon and similar Aminogenesis works to prevent the need for a facelift as using the medication […]

Natural skin lightener

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is made up of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The skin has several functions including protection, sensation, heat regulation, water resistance, control of evaporation, absorption, and aesthetic purposes. Human skin color is primarily determined by melanin, the pigment found in the skin. Black people […]

Home remedies to exfoliate your face

Women everywhere are concerned about the appearance of their facial skin. Whether it is because their skin is too oily or to dry or because they have acne or they want to eliminate or reduce wrinkles, most women will spend money trying to keep their facial skin looking as fast as it can. Most of […]

Get rid of acne naturally

There are many causes of acne and these can include having a weak immune system, eating foods that are high in fat or sugar, or even having a liver that doesn’t function properly. However there are numerous techniques that can help you get rid of acne naturally. Whether you use a natural treatment for your […]

Facial hair removal cream

Both men and women want to find fast and efficient ways to remove the hair on their face as well as other parts of their body. By having a good hair removal cream you will have a nice easy and painless way to remove hair without all of the messy waxing or costly laser removal […]

Acne scar treatment

It is important to realize that prior to seeking any form of acne scar treatment, your face will need to be free of active acne. If you are still suffering from the effects of acne, you will need to address this first. Once your acne has cleared up you can then decide on the specific […]

Follicular hair transplant

Most people are concerned with their appearance and hair plays an important factor in how we look. About 50% of men will suffer from male pattern baldness. Up to about 40% of all women can suffer from female pattern hair loss or thinning during their lifetime. Of course, individuals can suffer different amounts of hair […]

Treatment for bald spots

Men and women who are dealing with hair loss do not have an easy time of trying to find treatment for bald spots. Trying to find the right treatment for bald spots can depend on what has caused you to have them in the first place. A certain amount of hair fall out is normal […]

Sun tanning lotion

People love to be out in the sun. You can find them everywhere using sun tanning lotion trying to get a good sun tan. The darker the tan the better it is liked by most people. You can even find them going to tanning booths for that all important golden tan. To accomplish a good […]

Skin mole removal

Skin moles are quite troublesome. Sometimes a few of them fade away with age while others remain and turn out as permanent marks on the skin. People who are very self conscious about their looks find skin moles very irritating. Some people also feel less confident due to the appearance of the skin moles around […]

Natural remedies for thinning hair

Hair loss, or thinning hair, can be a big problem for some people: those who have it in their genetics, those who have had some sort of damage to the hair, or those who just don’t have very good hair. Regardless of the cause, nobody enjoys having a thin head of hair. Females like to […]

Natural shampoo

Many people suffer from hair loss or are worried that they will start losing hair in the near future. It is definitely a major problem that is on many people’s minds every single day. The hair loss treatment industry has become huge because of this and one of the more popular products is natural shampoo. […]

Blackheads treatment

Blackheads can be very annoying as they can have a major affect on your facial appearance. The most important treatment for blackheads would be practicing prevention of them. However, there are still treatment methods to help remove them in a fairly short period of time. Blackheads form because there are too many dead skin cells […]

Natural body cleansers

Body cleansers are readily available in vast varieties and forms. They can be found in most cosmetics and healthcare stores. Even though people can easily buy and use ready-made cleansers, there are many who would prefer natural body cleansers which doesn’t possess any harmful chemicals. Body Cleansers made out of natural ingredients pose no side […]

Biotin for hair growth

Every hair care product available on the market has a few promises printed on their bottles or shown on adverts. They include statements such as growing stronger and healthier hair, making hair shinier or even increasing overall hair growth. However, many of them do not feature scientific evidence to support their claims. But there is […]

Pityriasis rosea treatment

Pityriasis rosea is one of the most common skin diseases among children and young adults. There are numerous varieties of pityriasis. However, they are not interrelated. Among all types of Pityriasis, Pityriasis Rosea is the most mild and common form of skin infection. Even though it looks totally different when it appears on the skin, […]

Glycolic facial peels

Glycolic peels are one of the safest chemical processes which are widely used in improving the overall complexion of the skin. It is a type of chemical peel, which evidently removes the outer layer of the skin, leaving a fresher and cleaner appearance of the skin. Glycolic facial peels are very effective in removing rough […]

Dry skin remedies

Dry skin is a common problem. Almost everyone has to deal with this problem during winter. However, many also suffer from dry skin conditions throughout the year. This proves that it is neither the weather nor any other external factor which is always responsible for dry skin. Instead, the main culprit is the habits of […]

Cellulite firming cream

Cellulite is basically an amassing of fat, toxins and fluid that are trapped in a web of elastin fibers and collagen deep inside the skin. It is an unwanted addition to the body (especially to the woman’s body), and is more prominent in certain areas of the body – particularly in the thighs. Cellulite can […]

Dry skin treatment

There are quite a few things that can cause dry skin, including dry weather and low humidity levels in the home. Eating a poor diet is another factor because you will lack the minerals and nutrients that are needed to keep the skin moist. Dry skin can also be caused by using harsh soaps and […]

Eczema natural cure

Eczema is a skin disorder that can be very difficult to treat. It has major affects on your skin and can cause serious red patches, swelling, itching, and irritated skin. Eczema can also have mental symptoms which can affect how you live your life. An eczema breakout can be very severe and it will require […]

OHT Peptide 3

Are you in dire need of a “new skin”? Is the appearance of those age spots, scars, and sun damage getting to you? Well, you’re in luck; there’s a product that can fight all of these things and repair your skin in the process! OHT Peptide 3 is an alternative option to Botox in the […]

Pregnancy stretch mark prevention

Pregnancy should be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life. It is a time of wonder and change, however there are some changes which are not the most welcome for most women. Stretch marks are one of these changes. Stretch marks occur when the elastic component or collagen fibers in the skin become […]