Reproductive Health

Female libido enhancement

When time pushes a woman to the end of her energy after maintaining everyday’s mandatory work like taking care of the children and family, managing the career and all the other compulsory work, would it be possible to expect her to be proactive enough to have sex? Definitely a majority of the total number of […]

Sexual enhancers

There are a lot of options available when looking for a sexual enhancer whether it is for a male or female. When you are looking for a product to help enhance your sexual performance you will definitely want to put a lot of research into it. There are a lot of products with impressive claims […]

Sexual dysfunction therapy

Sexual dysfunction therapy is designed to help those who exhibit physical or medical conditions leading to a declining sex life. The treatment methods for sexual dysfunction will primarily depend on the direct cause of the problem. For instance if the cause of the dysfunction is psychological, treatment methods will include counseling. If the cause is […]

Urethritis treatment

Urethritis can best be described as an inflammation of the urethra and is typically caused by a virus or bacteria. Bacteria, such as E. coli which is known to cause urinary tract infection, can lead to your urethritis as well as certain sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Urethritis can also be caused […]

Natural fertility enhancers

There are various natural fertility enhancers available to women (and men), which are able to vastly improve their chances of being able to conceive. These enhancers are not aimed at women who suffer with severe infertility problems however they can actually increase the chances of most women conceiving. The most popular types of natural fertility […]

Fertility supplements for women

Infertility is, unfortunately, a growing medical issue in both men and women. It affects millions of couples in America, due to physical reasons in reproductive health or simply waiting too long to try and get pregnant. After discovering infertility, the first thought is to want treatment right away; a quick fix for a large problem. […]

Chlamydia treatment

Chlamydia is a disorder that is more commonly found in young adults, African Americans and people in urban areas that show a lower economic and social status. It is a bacterial infection disease that is transmitted between two people during sexual relations. Chlamydia is currently the most commonly transmitted STD or in America and it […]

Male infertility treatment

There are various causes for male infertility. Male infertility treatment is undertaken as a medical condition and should not be considered a personal male ego problem. Men and women need to focus on this medical condition together to solve their infertility issues when trying to conceive. Wearing restrictive clothing around the scrotum can cause male […]

Fibroids and infertility

Fibroids are tumors that are located in the pelvic regions of a woman. These tumors are almost always non cancerous. Also, in almost 75 percent of these cases, these fibroids are harmless and do not need to be removed from the body. However, in the rest 25 per cent, fibroids have caused a number of […]

Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy, while they will vary slightly from woman to woman, typically include a variety of symptoms. These symptoms will vary in frequency as well as intensity and may be different for women from one pregnancy to another. It is important to keep in mind that your body will go through many changes […]

Syphilis symptoms

It is said that King Henry the eighth, one of the most memorable and despised kings in England’s history, died from syphilis. Of course, the medical knowledge at the time of his death was so limited his death might not have been assigned a proper and correct cause. While it is impossible to find out […]

Herbs for infertility

When you are young, avoiding pregnancy at all costs is the goal; the thought of a pregnancy while you are in high school, college, or even the early stages of your career, strikes fear in the loving hearts of many young men and women. But eventually, in each of these folks’ lives, there comes a […]

Birth control methods

For a woman, or even a couple, choosing a birth control method is a very important decision. Fortunately, today, there are many safe and effective birth control means available to us. It is important to keep in mind, when making this decision, that each woman’s needs are different. The things to consider are cost, effectiveness, […]

hCG trigger shot

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the female body to help with fertility. The hormone is produced once a fertilized egg reaches the lining of the uterus. An hCG trigger shot refers to an injection of the hormone. This may be necessary for women that are struggling from fertility problems […]

Vasectomy side effects

The word “vasectomy” often conjures up a broad range of reactions in men (and sometimes in women, too.) For some men, the word vasectomy is taboo and they do not want to hear it spoken within their hearing range. These men, and there is nothing wrong with this belief, feel that their manhood and their […]

Chlamydia symptoms

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, there were more reported cases of chlamydia to the Center for Disease Control last year than any other bacterial sexually transmitted disease. There were over one million cases reported to the CDC in 2006 alone. Chlamydia is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. […]

Fertility diet

Trying to conceive can be a very wonderful time, but for some people it can be very discouraging when that plus sign doesn’t appear on the pregnancy test for months at a time. Couples all over the world experience this, so if you’re one of them, you are by no means alone in this struggle. […]

Symptoms of endometriosis

Endometriosis, a type of medical complication which develops in the reproductive systems of women, occurs when endometrium (the membrane used to line uteruses) begins to grow in parts of the body where it should not. These locations commonly include one’s ovaries, fallopian tubes or pelvic tissues. Why is this problematic? Well, think of what happens […]

Natural infertility treatments

Infertility is a disheartening problem. It is a couple’s dream to be able to raise children in their dream home and be a big, happy family. When certain factors prevent that from happening, both the man and the woman feel like it is their fault. Infertility is caused by many factors, including ovulatory failure, tubal […]

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the more common hormonal disorders that affect women who are capable of reproduction. The syndrome involves the ovaries becoming enlarged and the formation of a number of small cysts all around their outer edges. This can lead to a number of different issues, including irregular menstrual periods, and it […]

Home HIV test

Wondering whether or not you have Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is probably the scariest thing you will ever have to face. While the social stigma and lifespan of people with HIV is much improved from what it was in the 1980s, it is still a very serious disease with life changing ramifications that cannot be […]

Trying to conceive? Nutrition matters!

Nutrition has always been a very important topic for women when trying to conceive a baby and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Not only is a good diet extremely vital during the months prior to pregnancy, but also during and after delivery of the baby as well. The most natural approach to infertility is to include […]

How to get pregnant

For some women, getting pregnant can be very difficult. Infertility is the commonest reason why a woman fails to get pregnant. Infertility is defined as the biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception. Some of the common causes of female infertility are ovulation problems, uterine problems, tubal blockage, previous tubal ligation and tuberculosis. […]


Endometriosis is a condition that almost 7,000,000 women in the United States between the ages of 20 to 40 suffer from. It is an abnormal growth of endometrial cells and seeing to be prevalent in industrialized nations. When this condition exists the endometrial cells grow in various places in the body where they do not […]

Birth control patch

In recent years one of the advancements in the technology of contraceptive methods has included the development of the birth control patch to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is something that has been very beneficial for people who have difficulty remembering to take the pill on a daily basis. The patch is about one and […]

Natural erectile dysfunction treatments

For many men, dealing with erectile dysfunction is incredibly embarrassing. In fact, some say it is the most embarrassing health issue a man can face, although others may disagree. However, because of the stigma attached to erectile dysfunction, many men are hesitant to speak to their doctors about it or to purchase medication or other […]

HRT side effects

Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, has a number of different benefits, but it also has a number of side effects as well. HRT is often used to help relieve some of the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, and night sweats. Menopause results in a lack of estrogen being produced in […]

Estrogen cream side effects

There are a number of different types of estrogen medications out there, including a number of different types of estrogen creams. These creams are often prescribed to women who are dealing with low amounts of the hormone, osteoporosis, vaginal irritation, bleeding of the uterus, breast cancer, and ovarian failure. Estrogen creams may also be prescribed […]

Genital herpes symptoms

Genital herpes is a common condition that affects about 1 in 5 Americans. Genital herpes can not be cured because the virus that causes it can stay in the body for life. However, you can control the severity of the symptoms and prevent outbreaks with regular treatment. Having genital herpes does not mean that normal […]

Gonorrhea treatment

Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world. In fact, the number of reported cases of gonorrhea is on the rise once again, especially in the United States. It was actually on the decline for two decades, but that has changed, and today in the U.S., gonorrhea is the second […]

Symptoms of AIDS

AIDS is the acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This is a condition that compromises the immune system. It is caused by exposure to the HIV virus. The HIV virus is spread by direct contact with bodily fluids containing the HIV virus. Such bodily fluids include seminal fluid, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluid, blood and mother’s milk. […]

Birth control pills

A lot of young women are choosing to use birth control pills because they just can’t afford to have children right now with the way the economy is going. This is just one reason why women choose to use birth control pills. Other reasons can include a desire to help regulate monthly cycles and even […]

Erectile dysfunction causes

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction find it difficult to talk to their physicians about the problem; however, there are a number of erectile dysfunction causes that can contribute to this problem. So, the more you know about the root problems that could be causing you difficulty with erectile dysfunction, the better able to […]

Infertility treatments

When you want to have a baby and can’t, infertility treatments may be able to help. Which treatment that would be best will depend on a number of factors including the cause of infertility, how long the condition has lasted and the age of the partners involved. Unfortunately, there are some infertility issues that cannot […]

Natural sexual stimulants

If your libido seems to be lagging you should definitely look into sexual stimulants. If you are afraid of all of the formulated products on the market you can dry some natural sexual stimulants that will help you increase sexual desire in a safe and natural manner. There are plenty to choose from, so if […]

HCG Hormone

For a long time, hormones were misunderstood. Back in the early 20th century, a cocaine-fueled Sigmund Freud thought that the reason women sometimes acted erratically was due to a female-only phenomenon known only as hysteria. It is now thought that Freud had used this explanation in place of science he did not understand in regard […]

Genital warts treatment

People often joke about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Henry the Eighth, who suffered from paranoia and a marked deterioration in his mental capabilities supposedly died in 1547 of syphilis. Of course, it is mere conjecture that he died of syphilis, but his symptoms are consistent with those of syphilis infection. Imagine that, one night of […]

STD symptoms in men

An STD is a sexually transmitted disease that is highly contagious and can be passed directly from one person to another through sexual contact. When a man contracts a sexually transmitted disease he may be unaware of it at first. Most men have been instructed on the practice of safe sex and have been told […]

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

An ectopic pregnancy can constitute a medical emergency if it is not treated immediately. The situation is that usually no one realizes that this type of pregnancy has occurred until symptoms have occurred showing that it is not a normal pregnancy and immediate intervention is necessary. In a normal pregnancy, the sperm fertilizes the egg […]

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal infections that occur in women today in the United States. It is also common among pregnant women. The exact causes of this problem are not known however there are some risk factors that medical professionals feel put women at higher risk of developing this condition. What […]

Cure for herpes

There are two types of herpes virus, genital herpes and oral herpes. Unfortunately neither one is curable at this time but the good news is they are preventable and treatable. The two types of herpes viruses are Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV-2). Both of these types of virus can […]

Yeast infection treatment

For any woman that has ever suffered a yeast infection you know how frustrating it can be. Yeast infections can cause you to feel very uncomfortable and you may not even want to leave your house. Before discussing what type of treatments there are for yeast infections we should first gain an understanding of what […]

Pregnancy and folic acid

If you are a woman who is thinking about having a child, then you should also know that pregnancy and folic acid are two things that go together in order to assure the health of your baby. However, you may not know why it is that pregnancy and folic acid are such a good combination. […]