Health Insurance

Health insurance plans

Health insurance plans can be public as well as private insurance policies. They can different options for all kinds of health care needs. There are health insurance plans that are PPOs, HMOs and individual plans. There are special health insurance plans just for children and people over the age of 65. These plans can have […]

Instant health insurance quotes

We are well aware that health insurance is one of life’s essentials. However the thought of having to fight your way through question after question and a pile of paperwork in order to secure a quote can be extremely off-putting. It is obviously best to shop around to ensure that you are getting the best […]

Major medical insurance

Health insurance has been a hot topic in the United States of late. Reliable health coverage is something that you should never go without. However, the price of many health insurance policies today make it more than difficult for all Americans to enjoy complete health coverage. Knowing and understanding the basics of medical insurance is […]

Family health insurance plans

Your family is likely to be the most important thing in your life therefore you should do everything possible to keep them safe and healthy. Family health insurance plans usually consist of an individual, typically a parent, adding the other members of their immediate family to their policy. You will find that by having all […]

Maternity health insurance

Women who are pregnant or who are trying to conceive need to have maternity health insurance to help cover expenses. Having a baby is very expensive and can cost up to $10,000 without maternity health insurance. This kind of health insurance will help cover expenses for prenatal care, ultrasounds and the doctor and fees for […]

Group health insurance

Many people have questions regarding which health insurance is best for them and their individual needs. It is important to understand that not all policies and certainly not all insurance companies are alike. The more you learn and understand about health insurance in general, the more likely you are to end up with coverage that […]

Medical liability insurance

Medical liability insurance is a form of insurance carried by those in the medical field. This type of insurance coverage is for protection from lawsuits and claims made against those in the medical field for negligence and malpractice. Medical liability insurance is a necessary insurance policy for medical professionals to have for their own protection. […]

Temporary health insurance

Temporary health insurance or short term health insurance is designed for healthy individuals and families in transition. It provides a safety net and peace of mind for someone who is no longer covered by their main health insurance policy for whatever reason. There are numerous temporary policies to choose from and the benefits will vary […]

Medicare supplemental insurance

As of January 2006, there are now twelve different standardized Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. These plans are labeled from A through L and are sometimes also referred to as MediGap Plans. Each of these twelve plans offers different benefits with Plan A offering the fewest benefits and Plan J offering the most benefits. Plan A […]

Long term health care insurance

Long term health care insurance is designed to pay benefits in the event an individual suffers a disability or chronic illness that requires long term medical care outside of the hospital. This medical care can be given in a long term care facility or in home care. You can purchase long term health care insurance […]

Medical evacuation insurance

With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of Americans are getting ready to jet to various exotic and wonderful locations around the world. How often during your journey to the airport do you find yourself preparing your final check list? Passport…check, Travelers cheques…check, Travel insurance…check. However, have you ever considered medical evacuation insurance? If you […]

Individual dental insurance plans

Keeping your smile perfect can be important not only to your appearance but to your overall health. Maintaining good oral health can even help prevent many illnesses and diseases. Case you haven’t noticed, going to the dentist these days can be extremely expensive. Because of the astronomical expense of going to the dentist nowadays it […]

Short term disability insurance

Do you have a high enough level of savings in place if you were unable to work for a number of months due to a disability or illness? This is exactly what a short term disability insurance policy is for. Recent statistics produced by the Council of Disability Awareness informs us that up to 30% […]

Self employed health insurance

For anyone who is self employed the subject of health insurance is of interest. Self employed health insurance is essential for those who own and operate their own business. You will not neglect your health just because you do not have health insurance. With the high cost of medical bills you can rapidly get into […]

Low income health insurance

Low income families are a demographic who have only recently been fully acknowledged by the American government. This in the main is due to the pressure that has been piled onto the government by the American people. You will now find that there are various options of low income health insurance available in the marketplace. […]

Major medical insurance companies

If you do not qualify for benefits or your employer does not offer health insurance benefits, then you may need a major medical health insurance company. Major medical insurance typically offers low premiums with higher deductibles and is made more affordable for those who do not have access to group insurance plans. These plans cover […]

Individual vision plans

Individual vision insurance plans pay for routine eye exams, contact lenses and glasses. These plans are specific insurance policies that are tailored to take care of some of the medical expenses for the eyes only. Individual vision plans are extremely beneficial for people who have poor eye sight and who would otherwise have to spend […]

International travel health insurance

There are millions of international travelers who journey abroad each and every year. Certain individuals may be departing for a vacation, while others have a business or corporate trip. Perhaps there are even international students who choose to study overseas. However the majority of globetrotters are blissfully unaware that their medical insurance policies will be […]

Travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is similar to regular health insurance polices only it covers people who travel. There are two different types of travel insurance policies that you can buy. One is a temporary travel medical insurance plan and ant the other is permanent travel medical insurance. Is travel medical insurance really necessary? Many people ask […]

Dental insurance companies

It is extremely important to take care of your teeth and your overall dental health. It is recommended that your brush your teeth at least twice a day and especially after eating sugary foods. You should also choose a toothbrush that is suited to your mouth and teeth and aim to replace it every 6-8 […]

Group term life insurance

Group term life insurance is mainly available through employee benefits programs. An employer will usually offer this type of insurance at a group rate, which makes it less expensive for an employer and usually a free form of live cover for the employee. Term Insurance is without doubt the least expensive and easiest form of […]

AARP health insurance

AARP health insurance is a unique type of supplemental insurance plan. The AARP program has an extensive list of client groups, most of which being over the age of 50. The AARP health care plan has regularly been seen as one of the best health insurance plans for seniors and just about anyone that is […]

CIGNA health insurance

CIGNA is a name that is at the forefront of global health insurance. They have now been providing health insurance products and coverage for over 200 years. CIGNA are recognized around the world as a company that delivers outstanding customer service, and their customer base continues to grow. They have a huge range of products […]

Aetna health insurance

Aetna Health Insurance Company is one of the most recognized names in the industry. They are considered an industry leader and offer many forms of general insurance as well as disability, dental and prescription coverage. Aetna can boast a membership base of over 19 million people in their medical plans alone. This does not automatically […]

Individual dental insurance

Individual dental insurance plans are an affordable way to deal with the alarmingly high costs of dental care. There are a number of different dental plans to choose from and the benefits vary from plan to plan. Therefore it is important to find a plan that is suited to your own individual circumstances. Your initial […]

Nursing home insurance

According to recent government statistics over 50% of all Americans will need some kind of specialized nursing home care at some point in their lives. In fact, 10% of those who are between the ages of 40 and 65 will require nursing home care at some point. Nursing care is extremely expensive. The average costs […]

Universal life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a form of Whole Life insurance. Whole life insurance provides the person continuous guaranteed life insurance coverage until death. Term life insurance expires after a certain amount of time. Term life insurance is more affordable than whole life insurance because it is not expected to last throughout the person’s entire life. […]

Long term care insurance

The cost of certain long term care services are often not covered by traditional forms of health insurance or Medicare. This is why you may require Long Term Care Insurance. This will allow you to cover the costs of services required at home to help you deal with the activities of daily living. These benefits […]

Hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance is designed to help offset the rising costs of hospitalization. It is important to understand that when you are forced to spend time in the hospital, these medical expenses are not the only expenses that you incur. If you have a regular job, you may be out the money that you would […]

United Concordia Dental Insurance

Although many Americans now carry health insurance, dental insurance is most often a separate policy and may or may not be offered by their place of employment. One of the dental insurance companies that offers dental insurance in all 50 states across the country is United Concordia Dental Insurance. There are plans for individuals as […]