Alternative Medicine

Gripe water

Gripe water, also known as grippe tonic, is a medicine that is often used as a home remedy many health conditions. It is often used as a treatment method for infants and is especially useful for pain relief. For instance, gripe water is a very useful treatment for an upset stomach. It can relieve the […]

Stem cell treatment

Many diseases and conditions such as cerebral palsy, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, liver cirrhosis, spinal-cord injuries and strokes can be successfully treated with stem cells. Additionally, stem cells are known to rejuvenate ageing tissues and stem cell treatment is often used in anti-ageing. The benefit of a biotechnology such as using stem cells […]

Natural sinus remedies

The idea that certain medical conditions can be healed by using natural remedies, as opposed to medications, is one practiced in the alternative Eastern medicine. Many people, while still dependent on the traditional Western medicine practices, are becoming more and more interested in this type of remedy. If the usual medications can be replaced by […]


Although black pepper has mainly been considered as a common household spice for many thousands of years, it is also extensively used in formulas to conceive traditional systems of medicine. Bioperine is a completely pure source of piperine extract that is typically obtained from black pepper fruits. These fruits are usually cultivated in the nutrient […]

Herbal treatments for herpes

Herpes is basically a virus that is best known as a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately however, as with many diseases, conventional medicine may not be considered an effective treatment for herpes. Medical research has taught us that certain anti-viral drugs may be able to reduce the severity, and also the frequency of herpes outbreaks. However […]

Maca powder

Today, more and more discoveries are being made as far as new herbal supplements are concerned. This is mainly because people from all walks of life are looking for ways on how they can improve their health through natural means. If you are one of these people, then one of the herbal supplements that you […]

Natural remedies for hair loss

Healthy and good looking hair is something that we all strive for. You will find that a healthy hair follicle will grow approximately 1 cm per month, and it will actually continue to grow for anywhere between 2 to 6 years. The specific growth phase is often referred to as anagen. Up to 90% of […]

Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata is often referred to as “Indian Echinacea” and has become increasingly popular across America and many parts of Scandinavia in recent years. It is best known for being a preventative treatment for the common cold. We are now aware that this herb has fantastic potential to deal with a far wider range of […]

What is osteopathy

Practiced all over the world, osteopathy falls into the category of alternative or complementary medicine that takes a holistic approach to treating illness and the like. There are many reasons why one would choose to venture from the traditional western medicine and turn to alternative medicine. For one, an individual may find that western medicine […]

Detox drinks

The use of detox drinks can provide many health benefits if done properly. They are a very effective way for you to detoxify yourself and can come in handy for a number of diets. Detox drinks are very beneficial when looking for a temporary alternative to food which can help flush out any unwanted materials […]

Herbal thyroid support

Hypothyroidism, or thyroid dysfunction, is a condition that is typically caused by the thyroid gland not producing enough thyroid hormones. This is especially important in ensuring that the body’s metabolism is stabilized. Often the best way to treat this disorder is through herbal thyroid supplements and support. If you are suffering with thyroid problems, many […]

Natural antibiotics

Antibiotics were created to fight off bacterial (and some viral and fungal) infections. Unfortunately, these days, it is not hard for these microorganisms to become resistant to certain antibiotics by evolving into something bigger and worse. This can happen for multiple reasons, some of which are due to human error. Antibiotic resistance can be acquired […]

Eucommia tea

Tea has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes. Ancient Chinese medicine is one alternative use for tea. Tea is used for all kinds of ailments. Some teas can even prevent or treat various kinds of cancer. There is tree in China called the Eucommia ulmoides tree. This tree is also known as the […]

Cherry angiomas natural treatments

Many people develop cherry angiomas after the age of 40. They also occur in younger people as well only not as often. These are small benign tumors on the surface of the skin that are cherry red to purple in color. Cherry angiomas are also called “De Morgan spots” or “Senile angiomas”. They are usually […]

Herbal smoke

Herbal smoke is a completely legal product, meant to provide the interested smoker with a tasteful new sensation, free of tobacco and illegal substances. The shops who sell this product provide Legal Herbal Smoking Blends, Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke, Legal Marijuana Alternatives, rolling paper, and smoking accessories. Each herbal smoke product has its own unique […]

Natural Infection cures

Infections are caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria which are disease causing pathogens. These disease causing pathogens tend to multiply and become invasive and damaging to the cells of the body. Once an infection in the body begins to develop there will be symptoms of redness, swelling, pain, fever and pus in the area of […]

Glandular therapy

Glandular therapy is a form of traditional therapy involving the use of desiccated animal glandular extracts to help improve normal glandular functions in humans. It was first introduced as a therapy in 1912 and was called ‘live cell therapy:” This kind of glandular therapy used to use chopped and dissolved animal glands that were mixed […]

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy owes its origins to the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. In 1796 he discovered a completely different approach for curing the sick, and he named it homeopathy. The word is derived from the Greek language and literally means “similar suffering”. Homeopathy can best be described as a healing system which actually assists the body’s natural […]

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a popular native herb that is sold in the United States as a dietary supplement. It is very popular and beneficial for women who are seeking relief from symptoms of menopause. Those who practice in the field of alternative medicine use black cohosh to help reduce the frequency and intensity of hot […]

Natural Viagra Alternatives

Erectile dysfunction has long plagued the race of men as a common and inconvenient affliction – thus the need for Viagra arose. Despite the fact that many healthy men too use Viagra for recreational purposes, Viagra still remains true to its purpose of helping when help is needed. Yet, people are often found looking for […]

Natural healing herbs

The process of herbal healing, also known as “Herbalism”, is considered as the most ancient form of remedies on a global scale. The knowledge of healing is provided to the maximum extent and the practices were formulated from civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and Babylonians. The alchemy was first oriented […]

Ginger tea benefits

Ginger is a natural spice with a very identifiable, delicious taste that has been and is used in many parts of the world for its medicinal and culinary properties. Centuries ago, the uses started as an anecdote to relieve upset stomachs. Today, there are more benefits than that for which we use ginger tea. The […]

Acupuncture for infertility

Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese and other cultures to treat many medical problems for thousands of years. It has however only in the past 20-30 years started to become popular in the Western Hemisphere as an alternative way to treat disease. Scientists have been skeptical in the past about the benefits of treatments […]

Oral EDTA chelation

Oral EDTA chelation is a process whereby the body is able to rid itself of harmful toxins and environmental pollutants that have built up through years and years of living. Chelation therapy is a common medical practice used to get rid of heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, iron, plutonium, uranium, and mercury, from the body. […]

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture has regularly been used in clinical settings to treat all types of conditions such as allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, fertility, menstrual issues and, of course, the most common use of acupuncture is for pain relief. For those who practice or have undergone the use of acupuncture, they will swear blind that it works. However […]

Chiropractic treatment

Individuals who like to try alternative medicines, also known as eastern medicine practices, are very fond of chiropractic treatment. For some people this may be a very valuable thing, and for others it may be a crock of bogus. Decades ago, chiropractic methods were seen as something totally undesirable, but more and more, people are […]

Home remedies for hangovers

Were you blessed with having too much fun last night? Did that “one more drink” turn into “5 more drinks”? Or maybe those shots were adding up more quickly than you were counting? Actually, you probably weren’t even counting. Let me guess, you have a pounding headache, no tolerance for light and sound, and you […]

Yeast infection remedies

Yeast infections are often rife in both men and women however one of the most common forms is a vaginal yeast infection. This is typically caused by a fungus called Candida albicans which may be found in small amounts around the vagina. It is actually estimated that up to 75% of women will have a […]

Natural aphrodisiacs

There may come a time in your life when you feel that your sex life needs a bit of a boost, although you may be unsure of what to do next. In recent years aphrodisiac herbs and supplements are proving to be extremely popular. This is mainly due to what we have learned from folklore. […]

Myofascial release

Myofascial release may be something that you’ve never heard of; it is a type of soft tissue therapy used to release tension from certain parts of the body and to realign the body. Let’s break down the word myofascial, then you will better understand how this type of therapy got its name. “Myo” means muscle […]