Cartilage regeneration supplements

Every joint of the body are reliant over the cartilage present in them. The cartilage only gets its nutrition from movements made by the body and absorption. There are many situations where an accident may lead to a loss in the cartilage in any part of the body. For such an incident, there are many ways to heal such a loss. As they cannot gain the nourishment from simple resting or food, patients might have to rely on a regular dose of cartilage regeneration supplements.

Cartilage regeneration supplements are pills that contain a form of glucosamine, usually glucosamine sulphate, which is regarded as one of the best forms of glucosamine. It is also rather small in dimensions and is absorbed readily by the cartilage. Though there are already bountiful amounts of sulfur in the joints, the supplements help create links between them. This helps the cartilage to grow stronger, eventually allowing it to handle certain levels of shock from possible impacts.

The problem with taking supplements containing only glucosamine is that it is relatively larger than glucosamine sulphate. As a result, it is not as readily absorbed as the whole glucosamine. Numerous studies with glucosamine sulphate supplements have displayed that taking such medication reduces the pain in joints just as much as chondroitin. Studies also show that the patients that needed joint replacement surgery no longer required it after taking such cartilage supplements only after 90 days!

Medicine containing glucosamine have been used for many generations on both human and animals. It is known that many horse trainers feed similar pills to race horses who are suffering from knee problems. These pills are also used on older dogs that have trouble with their joints. Though they cannot tell us whether these supplements have helped lessen their pain, but they are having an easier time moving around.

The recommended dosage with cartilage supplements vary tremendously depending on the person receiving them. Generally they are between 500mg to 6000mg. If someone is looking for relief from slightly elevated joint pain, then a dosage of 500mg taken three times a day will be sufficient. Following this medication schedule correctly will show noticeable differences in a few weeks or in a month or two.

Cartilage regeneration supplements are designed with various compounds that are naturally found in the cartilage itself combined with a few other products that work together to help repair joints and diminish joint pains. Cartilage supplements will also help the body remove any old cartilage and replace it with fresh, new cartilage. They will also stimulate cartilage growth so that any cartilage lost in an accident or surgery will slowly grow back to take its original place.

One of the best cartilage regeneration supplements available is Vital Strength Sports Cartilage Repair. These pills are best suited for sports enthusiasts who are always on some form of training and put a lot of pressure on their joints. The difference of this cartilage supplement with others is that it contains only glucosamine, not the sulfate form. It also has an addition of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Even though it is said that glucosamine sulphate is the best form of glucosamine, Vital Strength’s cartilage supplements work very well with the joints in the body. It is probably attributable to the combination of the compounds comprising in the pills working together.

The effects of cartilage regeneration supplements can be regarded as to be almost instant. Pain in the joints are said to be removed within the first few days which is highly noticeable. Anyone who is suffering from any form of joint, or specifically cartilage problems should try taking regular doses of these pills. However, like any other form of medication, it is always best to consult the doctor before adding cartilage regeneration supplements to a diet.


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    Glucosamine is the most hyped BS product ive ever wasted my money on over the past 2 years… has done ZERO for my cartilage related injuries and injured my wallet more than anything!

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