Bronchitis herbal remedies

Bronchitis is a breathing condition where the person suffers difficulty in breathing because of inflamed bronchial membranes. It could possibly be caused by bacterial and viral infections. Symptoms may include coughing continuously that create phlegm, being out of breath, suffering from mild fevers, having a constant ache in the chest and exhaustion. Chances of suffering from bronchitis are increased by pollutants that can be inhaled into the lungs. For example chemical fumes, smoke and dust all may lead to bronchitis.

There are many forms of medication that may be prescribed by a doctor to treat bronchitis. However, there are numerous herbal medicines as well that may be used to heal bronchitis. Some of the herbal medicines do not treat bronchitis entirely; rather help in alleviating a few symptoms. But there are a few herbal remedies that are sufficiently effective when used in conjunction with other conventional mainstream meds.

Before discussing herbal medicines that will be able to cure bronchitis, first let us see what can be done to avoid suffering from bronchitis. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and keeping away from inhaling any heated air such as smoking a cigarette, since the latter aggravates the bronchial membranes. Taking a regular dose of multi-vitamins is also an effective way to counter most diseases, including bronchitis, as it also strengthens the immune system of the body.

If prevention is too late and the emphasis is on cure, it is best to stay away from those cough medications that merely suppress the cough. This is an unhealthy way to treat bronchitis as coughing is a natural reflex of the body which it performs to get rid of the mucus that is blocking the respiratory tubes. The best thing to do is to take steam that is rich in antiseptics in such cases. The way to prepare this is to take a bowl of steaming hot water and to add four to five drops of either eucalyptus oil or melaleuca oil extracted from tea trees. Cover the head using a towel while deeply breathing in the vapor rising from the bowl. Continue breathing the vapor for about twenty minutes and add a few drops of the selected oil every five minutes. This process is best done twice daily; once after waking up and once during the evening.

Bronchitis can also be cured by brewing tea mixed with a few specific herbs. One of these herbs is creosote bush that is especially effective in curing a number of breathing problems including bronchitis. Making tea using coltsfoot can help in restraining spasms from occurring in the bronchus and tea made from pleurisy roots is tremendously beneficial in getting rid of the cough and allowing easier breathing.

Many herbal experts will also suggest drinking three or four cups of lemon and rosehip tea every day. The benefits of this tea can be further enhanced purely by adding garlic and ginger into the mixture. It is best if the tea is continually drunk even a few weeks after the symptoms have completely disappeared. This tea helps fight bronchitis and also improves the immunity so that it may not occur again.

Aside from inhaling or drinking any remedies, massaging vegetable oil on the back and chest of the individual can also treat bronchitis excellently. The vegetable oil helps collapse the cough that clogs the lungs, thus makes it less difficult to breathe.

The most important reason herbal remedies are always better than factory-manufactured medication is they don’t usually comprise any side effects. The aforementioned herbal remedies will help clear up the blocked lungs and get rid of bronchitis and all of its symptoms without inviting any other associated medical illness.

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