Breast reduction surgery

When a surgical procedure is done to change the size or shape of breasts it is called mammoplasty surgery. Breast reduction surgery is a one form of mammosplasty. Most people think of breast augmentation or implants, rather than breast reduction when the subject of breast surgery comes up, but breast reduction surgery is also a common reason to have breast surgery done. With a breast reduction surgery, the breasts are made smaller. This is usually done for health reasons. Breast augmentation or implant surgery is done for cosmetic reasons and is not usually covered by health insurance. There are millions of women who suffer from having breasts that are too large which can cause back and neck pain. The breasts can become too large at puberty or during pregnancy. Painful bra strap indentations on the shoulders and bad posture caused by the weight of disproportionately sized breasts, often lead women to seek out medical alternatives to reduce breast size. Having too large of breasts can cause a lack of self confidence and embarrassment in some women. Breast reduction surgery is a viable option for both health and psychological reasons.

When breast reduction surgery is done the surgeon removes part of the fatty glandular tissue in the breast and the excess skin. The surgery is done under a general anesthetic and can take six weeks to six months to heal. Once disproportionately large breasts are reduced the results are a decrease in back pain for these women since the breasts are much lighter. Posture improves and women feel a more confident. This kind of breast surgery is only done on fully developed breasts. Young adolescent girls who have not finished maturing are not good candidates for breast reduction surgery. Women who want to breast feed later on should not have this surgery done until after child bearing age.

The woman must not have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery and should consult with the surgeon about what to expect. Most women say they are glad they have had this surgery done though. As with all surgeries there are some risks involved in breast reduction surgery. These risks include bleeding, infections and scaring. Unequally positioned nipples may also be a result. Sensation in the nipple area may be lost as well. Other areas of the body may need to be used to reconstruct the nipples. It is advisable to speak to a consultant at about breast reduction surgery before you decide on going through with this procedure. Look for a plastic surgeon that is a board certified plastic surgeon.

The cost for breast reduction surgery can depend on who the surgeon is and where you are having the surgery done. Breast reduction surgery is usually covered by medical insurance but not all the time. Call your insurance company to verify if they cover the cost of breast reduction surgery if you are not sure. For it to be covered the surgery must be listed as medically necessary and needs to have a doctors recommendation. Documentation on how much breast tissue needs to be removed may be required. Your surgeon can supply this information. Most plastic surgery clinics have finance plans that they can offer to patients who do not have medical insurance coverage. The average cost for breast reduction surgery for women is between $5000 and $10,000. Men do have this surgery done as well if they have a condition called Gynecomastia, which is the term for male breast enlargement. The average cost for male breast reduction surgery is around $3000. Most of cosmetic plastic surgery clinics also give a free initial consultation as well and can help you decide if this surgery is necessary.

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