Breast lift tape

There are hundreds of thousands of breast surgeries performed every year including augmentation surgeries, lifts and removals of implants. Since surgery is typically very expensive and brings with it weeks of recovery time, women often search for alternative methods of uplifting their breasts without invasive surgical procedures. Breast lift tape is a product that allows women to have fuller and perkier breasts without the complications that are typically associated with surgeries.

Breast lift tape is a quick and completely painless way to enhance your overall body image and helps women to look and feel younger and more attractive. Breast lift tape provides the benefits of breast lift or augmentation surgery without actually having to go under the knife. The tape is typically invisible to others, waterproof and most brands are hypoallergenic. Breast lift tape provide support for clothing that typically is not designed to be worn with a bra such as bathing suits, backless dresses and strapless dresses and shirts. The products are very easy to use and instantly lift the breasts making them appear much firmer. A woman can typically apply breast lift tape in as little as thirty seconds per breast and will instantly notice the difference. For women who cannot afford or would otherwise never consider plastic surgery, breast lift tape is an excellent alternative. It is significantly less expensive than breast surgery and requires no recovery time at all.

Unlike camisole tops that have built-in bras or strapless bras that have trouble staying up where they belong, breast lift tape is not uncomfortable. There are no size restrictions like there are with many bras today and wearing breast lift tape makes wearing revealing or ultra-low-cut dresses and blouses much easier. For those who prefer not to wear a bra at all, breast lift tape allows you to freely roam about without being overly exposing.

To use breast lift tape you simply peel off the bottom section of the take and adhere or stick it to your skin just under the nipples. Most women that use breast lift tape also use nipple covers for added protection against too much exposure. If you are using nipple covers, breast lift tape should be applied right below the nipple covers. When you have the breast lift tape in place, you simply pull your breasts up to their desired position using the top section of the tape. Leave this top section of the tape attached to the protective backing to make positioning your breasts much easier. Raise your breasts until you have them where you want them to be and then peel off the adhesive backing on the top half of the breast lift tape. Stick this to the top of your breast.

Breast lift tape can be worn for around six hours or more without worries of a bra. It can be found in sizes to fit A to D cups and most packages contain at least three pairs of lifting tape. In order to ensure that the tape stays firmly in place, you should make certain that your skin is clean and free from any lotions or creams. Using lotion on the breast area before applying breast lift tape may cause the tape to not stick.

Breast lift tape can be purchased at a variety of women’s specialty shops and from a wide variety of manufacturers. You can also purchase it online at many retailers. When purchasing, particularly if you are planning to purchase online, take some time to read through various consumer reviews on the different brands of breast lift tape. Some will work much better than others. Of course, those that work best will likely cost a bit more. Be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions correctly for use to ensure that you get the best results.

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