Boswellia serrata

Boswellia serrata is a herb found in India that promotes the relief of arthritis. It is extracted and used for treating the painful effects of arthritis and osteoarthritis of the joints. Boswellia serrata has an antiflammatory effect that people of India have been using for hundreds of years. It is an effective alternative and herbal remedy for many diseases.

Arthritis is a painful problem that is felt with every movement and adjustment. It affects the joints which are used for walking, sitting, standing, and pretty much everything. It is impossible to live without doing any of these movements. Having arthritis means being in constant pain for doing everyday tasks and people with arthritis suffer inflammation and tenderness. Some people even are forced to alter their lifestyle and change their activity level due to the pain of arthritis. The India herb boswellia serrata seems to provide relief for the inflammatory effects that arthritis induces on thousands of people. There are many supplements with the extract that tout its numerous health benefits.

Boswellia serrata also has been proven to lower cholesterol and protect the liver. It prevents coronary plaque build up and relieves pain as an analgesic. Many studies have been done on this herb proving its effects. It has little side effects if any, and the most common is gastrointestinal discomfort. Boswellia serrata can be a powerful treatment for arthritis, lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver, and reducing pain in many people who are crippled or have reduced quality of life due to these conditions.

In addition to using herbs like boswellia serrata people are urged to supplement this with other alternate forms of treatment. Try limbering exercises like yoga to strengthen the joints. Strength training can also help promote strong bones and muscles that will support the weak joints and provide healthier body composition all around. Having a healthy diet can provide valuable vitamins and nutrients for the body to aid in reducing the complications and pain associated with arthritis. Although the effects of taking Boswellia serrata supplements are exciting, it is not to be used as a magical cure-all. It is meant to supplement other forms of therapy and aid in reducing discomfort.

Many people have seen great results with this herb who have once been crippled by arthritis. If you are interested in trying Boswellia serrata as a part of your therapy and treatment you should talk to your doctor. There are supplements you can buy on the internet or in health stores, but the right dose can be determined by a doctor who is aware of your condition and needs. Most people will take boswellia serrata three times a day at around 200 mg a dose. The major ingredient in these supplements is the herb extract and some will have additional ingredients. Ginger, for example, is another effective herb that has similar qualities for reducing arthritis pain.

Once again, your doctor should be able to direct you to an effective supplement that will work for you. You must also be careful in avoiding the hype on the internet and do the research before putting the substance into your body. Fortunately, boswellia serrata has little side effects and no serious side effects. It offers more positive effects and provides relief and is confirmed by many clinical tests and studies using humans and animals. Not everything will work for everyone naturally, but this herb will work best when used in addition to other methods of relieving pain that your doctor will prescribe. You must also take the initiative to get exercise and stretch your limbs and eat a rich diet so your body can get the vitamins it needs for your bodily processes.

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