Bone cancer symptoms

Bone cancer is a condition that consists of a tumor (neopalstic growth) on the bone. It is undoubtedly one of the most sever and painful types of cancer that can occur in humans. Bone cancer is experienced as a malignant growth and it is very commonly found in younger children and adolescents. While it can still affect adults, it is not as common.

This is obviously a very serious medical condition so it is important that it is detected and diagnosed as quickly as possible. If you can detect it and start treating it at an early stage then you will be able to minimize the negative affects that it has on your overall health. You can also increase the chance of beating cancer if you start treating it early on.

Early Signs of Bone Cancer
When bone cancer first develops the only sign that may be noticed would be general body pain that is influenced by a certain bone in the human body. The most common bones that this type of cancer will affect include the arms and legs. These are more common areas for bone cancer growths to occur. It would be highly recommended for you to visit your doctor if you are experiencing significant amounts of pain from certain bones.

A lump may occur on the bone that is affected by the cancer. This can occur regardless of whether the cancer is growing inside of or on top of the bone. The lump is the tumor and if it is large enough then it can cause a significant amount of pain and influence the cancer to grow at a much quicker rate. If this cancer is experienced then you must visit an oncologist to get it treated appropriately.

Diagnosing Bone Cancer

There are various ways that bone cancer may be diagnosed. The most common method would be to complete bone x-rays. This will allow you to examine the bones and determine what stage the condition is at. For instance, if the cancer has spread to other bones throughout the body then a bone x-ray will display this. On the other hand, if it is just affecting a single bone then this will also be noticeable in the x-ray.

There are certain bone x-rays which may be done to diagnose a certain form of bone cancer. This is especially true when dealing with osteosarcoma. The x-rays that are taken will display the damage done to the bone by the cancer or display excessive growth of newly produced bone cells surrounding the affected area of the bone.

A MRI is also sometimes used to diagnose an individual with bone cancer. MRI refers to magnetic resonance imaging, which utilizes magnetism to create a detailed image of certain body parts. When completing the MRI test you will be required to lie down without moving while inside of a long tube for roughly half an hour. No pain will be experienced during the MRI test but slight discomfort is to be expected.

Final Thoughts
Bone cancer is a condition that often goes undiagnosed until it is at a very serious stage. Most of the time the condition will not be noticed until the bone is actually broken. When bone cancer occurs it will increase the risk and speed of bones breaking as there is a lessened amount of strength and durability to the bones. A broken bone can sometimes be a sign of bone cancer but it is also a common sign of osteoporosis as well.

Remember that bone cancer is prominent in younger children so it is important that you keep an eye out for signs of the condition in your child. If any signs of the condition are noticed then you should visit your doctor right away to get the issue diagnosed. Bone cancer is a serious health condition that should not be taken lightly. Make sure you take the time to fully inform yourself on it so you can start treating it immediately if it is detected and diagnosed.

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