Bladder infection treatment

Any form of bacterial infection that disturbs any portion inside the urinary tract can be identified as a bladder infection, otherwise known as a urinary tract infection (UTI). This occurs because of the entrance and multiplication of bacteria in the bladder. The commonest form of UTI is known as Cystitis. The other common type of UTI occurs in the kidney – an infection called Pyelonephritis. Any form of UTIs which are left unchecked can cause fatal damage.

There are numerous symptoms that relate to bladder infection. The basic indicator that bladder infections may be present is the serious and sudden need to exhaust the bladder, even though much urine does not come out. There are other symptoms such as urinating often, bladder spasms and feeling a burning pain while urinating. Having abnormal urine, which can appear a bit cloudy or contain traces of blood, can also be a sign of urine infection, as well as a slight fever. The symptoms of kidney infection are far more serious, such as chills, fever and even queasiness.

Treatments of UTIs are not very complex. They usually don’t require any surgery unless an obstruction or any other form of illness is present. To first confirm that bladder infection is present, the physician will first take a urine sample. The main treatment for UTIs is antibiotics. But to confirm which drug will be most effective against the bacteria present, the physician will then use the urine sample and deduce the results using a urine culture. The results from a urine culture are usually received within 48 hours, so your antibiotic prescription may be changed after that.

Even though antibiotics get to work fighting bacteria immediately, the symptoms take some time to diminish. If the patient is experiencing severe pain, the doctor may prescribe painkillers to ease the pain. The pain will completely disappear within three days, but it starts to lessen within a few hours.

The most important thing to remember during treatment is to drink plenty of water and urinate often. This is so because every time a patient urinates, the bladder clears itself of more and more bacteria which helps speed up the process of recovery. Aside from water, cranberry juice is also known to help fight UTIs, as it helps produces hippuric Acid. This makes the urine more acidic, and keeps the bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. The juice has to be 100% pure cranberry juice, which can also be replaced by cranberry capsules if unavailable. Cranberry capsules are available in almost all health food stores. These should be taken along with a large glass of water. Vitamin C may also be of some assistance.

If immediate treatment is received, it will not take long to be completely rid of a UTI. Usually, it takes a few days to be cured, but the doctors may advise the patient to continue taking antibiotics for another week or two. This is done so that all the bacteria are cleared from the bladder and the infection does not cause any more difficulties.

The treatment for kidney infection is slightly more severe, similar to its symptoms. If the patient is very ill, he/she may be hospitalized for as long as the doctor deems necessary, which is usually until the patient can drink fluids and take the required drugs without assistance. For treatment, the patient is needed to take antibiotics for weeks. Usually kidney infections cannot cause permanent damage to the kidneys. However, leaving kidney infections untreated could lead to severe damage, as well as possible kidney failure.

The best way to keep away from bacterial infection is to drink plenty of water, and urinate when required. Never hold your urine in for too long. Keeping the genital area clean as well as dry helps prevent growth of bacteria which may later enter the urinary duct.

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  1. Bladder infection can be helped by drinking a small amount of cranberry juice every day. I suffered for years with prostrate infection and suffered for weeks at a time. Antibiotics only partially helped., Since drinking cranberry juice I have only had prostatitus twice in 4 years.

    I suffered months with a bladder infection, my GP kept changing my antibiotics but none worked. In the end my GP referred me to hospital who took a swab sent it for testing and then gave me a matched antiobitic. Within a few days the infection started to subside. The impact of this wrongly treated infection resulted in a back up of the infection to my kidneys and bought on early stages of renal impairment which has been investigated and now I await the day when I shall have to have dialysis.

    Get your infections sorted quickly and do not allow your GP to keep prescribing different medication.

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