Although black pepper has mainly been considered as a common household spice for many thousands of years, it is also extensively used in formulas to conceive traditional systems of medicine. Bioperine is a completely pure source of piperine extract that is typically obtained from black pepper fruits. These fruits are usually cultivated in the nutrient rich soils found in certain regions of southern India. It is actually from the black pepper fruits that many medicines known as Ayurveda are produced in India. These extremely delicate pepper berries are harvested by hand prior to their ripening and then dried out in the sun to ensure ultimate quality. Piperine extract is used to form Bioperine and we are now aware that Bioperine is able to enhance many forms of supplements by allowing the body to absorb them more easily.

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process where energy is generated at a cellular level in the body. Thermogenesis is known as a key factor in weight loss and enables your body to utilise the nutrients and foods that it consumes. It actually helps with digestion and can aid gastrointestinal absorption. Piperine is known to enhance thermogenic activity inside the body. It simply achieves this by increasing the amount of thermal energy within the body. This in turn can help to boost your metabolism and will effectively help your body to process amino acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins. Bioperine is, therefore, known as an extremely efficient way to transport nutrients into the blood.

You would believe that merely by consuming more black pepper you would be able to enhance the amount of piperine within the body. Unfortunately, this simply is not true. You will actually find a certain number of nutrients that are taken in high doses can actually have a negative effect on the benefit and overall absorption of other nutrients. We are now aware that if piperine were to remain active in raw black pepper that this will have little effect on nutrient absorption. In order for this to benefit you a purified extract of piperine will be necessary.

There have been various clinical studies that have looked into the potent properties of Bioperine. The majority of these studies evaluated the absorption of three separate products. These were, of course, evaluated with and without the use of Bioperine. The products used were beta carotene, or a fat-soluble, vitamin B6, or a water-soluble, and selenium in the form of a mineral. The gastrointestinal absorption of all these three specific products was measured by the overall amounts that were found to be present in the blood. In all three cases it was found that these nutrients dramatically increased their present in the blood when they were administered with Bioperine. It was found that selenium levels were increased by up to 30%, beta-carotene levels were increased by up to 60%, and the levels of vitamins B6 were even slightly higher than the levels of beta-carotene.

The Indian form of medicine known as Ayurveda has been recognised and practised for over 6000 years. It is mainly aimed at the digestion and absorption of nutrients and the overall functioning of the digestive tract. You will actually find that over 65% of all traditional Ayurvedic medicines are made from many special blends of ingredients, which typically include black pepper. This, once again, is mainly to enhance the overall absorption of nutrients into the body. Even to this day there are many nutritionists around the world who believe that the main obstacle to better nutrition lies in how effectively we are able to deliver nutrients into our body. Therefore you could say it is not so much what you eat that keeps you healthy, but how well your body absorbs it.

We are now aware that consuming Bioperine can lead to fat loss and indeed may also have a lot to do with your longevity. Bioperine has now received patented status and is the only source of piperine to ever undergo clinical studies in the United States. These clinical studies were aimed at proving its safety and how efficient it is for nutritional use. All clinical studies performed on Bioperine have proved successful and there are no known levels of toxicity in this product, and it has never been restricted or banned in any country. Therefore Bioperine can be considered an extremely safe and natural way to increase the absorption of nutrients in your body. For the best results Bioperine should be administered with various other nutrients, and in a daily 5 mg serving.

Bioperine can be purchased in the form of vitamins and dietary supplements and is widely available in most drugstores and pharmacists. However due to Bioperine’s effects on metabolising other nutrients, it is vitally important that you should first consult your doctor prior to taking any supplements that contain Bioperine.

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