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Today’s modern diet with its glut of convenience foods is contributing to a vast number of illnesses for our children as well as an obesity epidemic like we have never before seen. Scientists have found nutritional deficits to be connected to many of the illnesses that have been rising over the past decade or two such as diabetes and attention deficit disorder. As parents, we must do everything we can to ensure that our children get the optimal nutrition in their diets but it is not an easy task. That is why supplements like Total Balance Children’s are so crucial to normal and healthy development.

Proper nutrition during the growing years are what lays the foundation for a healthy life in maturity. Many parents think that the period of rapid growth from birth to age four is when they need to concentrate on nutrition and often give vitamin supplements during that period. Unfortunately, too many stop giving supplements after age four because they think the children are getting enough nutrients from their food and that is just not the case much of the time.

From age four to age twelve, children are still developing and growing – not just outside but their internal organs like their heart and brain, as well. Without the right balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients during this crucial growth, cells and tissues will not be as healthy as they should be which can lead to serious illnesses later in life.

This is also the period of life in which a child is doing much of their basic learning and it is a proven fact that a child’s brain functioning is impaired if not properly fueled by the correct balance of nutrients. If the child does not have the proper nutritional support and foundation during these critical years, they can have cognitive impairments that can last a lifetime making it more difficult for them to learn new things. Nutritional support is also necessary for brain functions such as memory, attention and concentration. Science has already shown a connection between poor diet and attentional disorders. Studies have been done that show increased attention span and learning abilities in children who were given supplementation in certain nutrients that offer brain support.

Now you know why a nutritional supplement is so vital to your child’s health but you also need to know that all supplements are not created equal. Many of the supplements on the market are limited in the nutrients provided and made of synthetic ingredients. While the synthetically created vitamins appear to be the same as natural, the body does not absorb synthetic nutrients as well as the natural ones. Giving your child a synthetic supplement results in roughly half of the nutrients actually being absorbed into and used by the body. The rest ends up as waste products. Total Balance Children’s uses all natural ingredients so that more of the vital nutrients are actually usable by the body.

Rather than the usual basic vitamins and minerals provided by other brands of children’s supplements, Total Balance Childrens provides nutritional support across the complete spectrum of nutrients that your child needs for healthy growth and development. There are 86 active ingredients in this supplement including 16 minerals, 4 vital enzymes, 14 vitamins and 35 specialty nutrients like essential amino acids that the body cannot produce. It also has ingredients that boost immunity and stimulate brain functions like memory and concentration.

Unlike other children’s supplements, Total Balance Childrens tablets are small, easy-to-swallow tablets that are enteric coated. This enteric coating prevents stomach damage that non-coated supplements can cause as well as allowing the nutrients to be absorbed within the large intestine where they are supposed to be released. This allows the optimal absorption directly into the bloodstream as nature intended.

Besides the obvious nutritional superiority of the product, there are three other reasons to choose xtendlife’s Total Balance Childrens over other products available. The company offers three guarantees on their products: 100% customer satisfaction, best possible value for money and guaranteed potency and content. Three guarantees on one product? That is unheard of in the supplement industry and most other industries, as well!

Total Balance Childrens provides all the nutritional support your child needs for healthy growth and development while boosting their immune system. With their split dosing system and enteric coated tablets, these nutrients are released into the system around the clock rather than all at once – a much more natural and effective system. They offer the convenience of direct to your door delivery with each bottle providing a full month’s supply starting at less than 95 cents per day, with free shipping on minimum orders and even a loyalty program which entitles you to even more savings.

Give your child the best nutritional support and the best chance for a healthy life with Total Balance Childrens.

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    Some of the parents forget to give their kids regular servings of fruits and vegetables. In this case, pediatricians suggest that you take vitamin supplements which are easily available in the market in the form of special drinks, pills or capsules

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