Benzoyl peroxide

The bacteria that is responsible for acne breakout is called Propionibacteria Acne, better known as P. Acne. Usually, it takes a very oxygen rich surrounding to terminate these bacteria and prevent them from regrouping. Benzoyl peroxide helps to unclog the pore and letting oxygen pass through, which eliminates the P. Acnes and lowering the possibility of an acne breakout.

Benzoyl peroxide is available over the counter so it is not at all severely harmful for your skin. Generally it is the first thing doctors suggest while treating acne. Even though they can be found in well-known brand products for curing acne, it can be found in regular medicinal tubes as well.

One of the most famous products in the field of curing acne is ProActiv. While Guthy-Renker may like to consider the ingredients in their product to be secret, it is not that discreet that the most vital ingredient in their well reputed acne treatment product is benzoyl peroxide. This is one of the most common ingredients that have proven to clear acne. Usually in the preliminary stages of an acne outbreak it is prescribed by the dermatologist, unless the outbreak is severe. Benzoyl peroxide is arguably the most popular ingredient for treating pimple outbreaks.

Benzoyl peroxide should be treated on a continuous basis as once the effectiveness runs out, the bacteria tends to regroup. A dermatologist usually determines the skin type first and suggests when to use benzoyl peroxide products and for how long. Usually for dry skin, products with benzoyl peroxide should be used along with a moisturizer that does not clog the pores. This is because benzoyl peroxide tends to dry the skin up a lot and can make the skin seem very dehydrated. For normal skin, benzoyl peroxide is usually suggested twice a day, once in the afternoon and once before bedtime. But for oily skin, doctors not only suggest creams and ointments but body soap, face wash and facial cleansers too. As oily skins seem to suffer the biggest out breaks, dermatologist suggests it is better to have an Arsenal of benzoyl peroxide among the toiletries to ensure the bacteria cannot regroup.

Benzoyl peroxide makes the skin very dry. Thus while using this it is advised to take a sufficient amount of fluid to make sure the skin stays dehydrated. It can also work as a mild peeler, but it should not be considered as a scar reducing treatment. On the first stages, benzoyl peroxide is suggested at a 2.5% dosage in creams or lotions or in gel form. Higher dosages are available but they should be only applied if there are no visible results after continuing with the mild dosage for several weeks. Dermatologists suggest that the treatment should start with a milder dosage before moving on to the higher form of benzoyl peroxide because this way the skin tends to adapt gradually and does not have a severe reaction to the medication.

The key to a cleat skin is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Before applying benzoyl peroxide, cleaning the face is necessary. First use a mild face wash that is suitable for all skin types. Secondly, a cleanser that is suitable for the skin type is essential to make sure the pores are absolutely clean. For dry skin, a honey and milk based cleanser is ideal. For normal skin, something with Aloe Vera and cucumber should provide a gentle care. For oily skin, a cleanser with astringent will not only clean the dirt but nurture the sebaceous glands as wells which controls the oil production. After the cleansing is done, apply the benzoyl peroxide all over the face, concentrating on the areas where acnes most occur.

Benzoyl peroxide can bleach hair or fabric, so before applying this it is best to be cautious and wear a head band to pull back and protect the hair. Since this substance can leave the skin very dry and flaky, applying a well brand moisturizer that does not clog the pores should be the finishing ritual. While using benzoyl peroxide, it is best not to stand under the sun for too long. Using sunscreens and umbrellas is a great measure to prevent any damages to the skin during the treatment. To make sure benzoyl peroxide works most efficiently the patients are advice to sleep well, eat right, drink plenty of fluid and maintain personal hygiene strictly.

Since this is considered the most popular basis of acne treatment, the side effects are very mild and rare. But should there be any sort of discomfort; one must consult the dermatologist before moving forward with the treatment. A combination of a healthy lifestyle along with this treatment should definitely avoid a major acne outbreak.

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