Back spasms treatment

There is almost no pain in this world that is as bad as back pain. Back pain can cripple the largest, strongest man after just a few minutes and back pain left untended can turn into something much worse with life altering consequences. Back spasms are one of those back pains that can vary in intensity from mild and uncomfortable to horrific.

The Many Causes of Back Spasms
Back spasms can be caused by many things. One of the most frequent causes is oxygen deprivation as a result of a blood restriction that means the back muscles aren’t getting as much blood (and therefore oxygen) as they need. Because they are deprived they begin to quake or spasm. Oxygen deprivation can be caused by injury, blocked arteries, blood clots and other issues.

Others experience back spasms that are caused by the lumbar muscle. The lumbar region of the back is located in the lower back and they can start to spasm after an injury. Unfortunately, just moving the wrong way can be considered an injury worth spasming over for the lumbar. If you do not have an injury or torn ligament causing the spasm, then you might consider the possibility that it is a tumor, infection or hernia.

Back Spasms Treatment
The first step in back spasms treatment is to take an anti inflammatory drug. By reducing the swelling of your spastic muscles you can reduce the spasms, pain and irritation you feel. More often than not the anti inflammatory medications you should take a re of the stronger, prescription variety. If the spasm starts on a weekend or holiday you might consider taking an over the counter anti inflammatory medicine, but chances are it will not be as effective.

Some chiropractors or general practitioners might also prescribe the use of muscle relaxants in your back spasms treatment. While these relax the muscle so that it stops its spasms, they may also put you to sleep and stop you from functioning throughout your day. If they do not choose muscle relaxants your doctor may instead choose a strong pain reliever as your back spasms treatment. Unfortunately, while this pay stop you from feeling the pain associated with the back spasms, it does not actually cure the spasms and may be addictive.

Another form of treatment may be muscle manipulation in the form of massage. When getting a massage as part of your back spasms treatment it is important to do so only at the recommendation of your chiropractor. Getting the wrong type of massage done by the wrong type of masseuse could result in further muscle injury and, in a worst case scenario, permanent damage to the delicate muscles and nerves in your back.

Practitioners of holistic and alternative medicines might suggest acupuncture for back spasms treatment. Acupuncture has not been scientifically proven to help relieve or cure back spasms to it may not be an effective back spasms treatment.

If your doctor or chiropractor has tried everything and explains that your back spasms treatment will not cure the back spasms, you may want to look into pain management therapy. With pain management therapy as part of your back spasms treatment you will learn how to manage your pain in a safe, effective way without the use of addictive chemicals that can cause long term damage to your kidneys and liver. These techniques combined with such wholesome remedies as ice packs or heating pads may help to give you your life back, allow you to move and have fun, and allow you to manage your pain so that it does not manage you.

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