Avanafil for erectile dysfunction treatment

Having a medication to treat male erectile dysfunction is nothing new, for years now men have had several options on the market. These prescription options are Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra®. While these products treat the disorder well and are helping millions of men world wide, there may soon be a new medication available for this same ailment. The name of this new substance is Avanafil, this is the generic name of what will most assuredly have a different trademarked name associated to it if it becomes available. While some are commenting on why the need for yet another treatment, others are praising its qualities and one can be certain that there will be money made if it is approved.

Avanafil is classified like the other three big names as a PDE5 inhibitor. It works in a very similar fashion to the others. But one of the big advantages with Avanafil is that it has been shown in studies to work in as little as 15 minutes after taking it. Current options are slower, with the fastest of those options being around 30 minutes after taking. Another possible benefit of Avanafil is that if someone has tried all the other currently available options and have found either unwanted side effects or a lack of effectiveness they may be able to find the solution they are looking for in Avanafil. There are also some other potential uses for this medication. Because of its functioning in the body, there could be potential for issues such as stroke prevention, circulatory system blood clots, urinary tract problems, certain types of hypertension, Alzheimer’s or others. It has not however been going through testing for these conditions as of yet.

As with just about any medication, there are some side effects that have been reported with its users to varying degrees. Avanafil users have reported issues such as headaches, nasal congestion, flushing skin (blushing, reddening). What has not been reported are any visual disturbances such has been reported with Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra®) Researchers are also pointing out that Avanafil tends to stay in your system a lesser time which could lead to fewer side effects. One should also be aware that if Avanafil becomes available you will probably only be able to get it through a doctor’s prescription. These reasons are obvious for some but others are not. A prescription can have other side effects and precautions that are to be taken seriously. As such, it is important to only ever take as prescribed by a medical professional. This substance is also not meant to be a recreational drug. If someone is not experiencing ED, (and it has not been proven to work for other ailments) than there is no reason to be taking such a prescription.

Clinical studies have shown that the chances for a man to have erectile dysfunction increases with age. Statistics show that upwards of 40% of men will encounter it by the age of 40 at some time and that number rises to 65% by the age of 65. Another statistic indicates that one in ten men in the world is affected by this. In the US alone, this number could be in the area of 15 million men. With so many men suffering from this condition it is no wonder why there are companies looking for alternatives to the current big three options. There is a big market and a good medication means money to the pharmaceutical companies, not to mention many happy couples.

But will Avanafil ever be available to the public, it is still too early to tell. While clinical testing has definitely been positive and the side effects look to be acceptable, the ultimate authority being the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still makes the final decision on if it will ever be approved or not. So far at the time of this article it has not been submitted to them for review but sources indicate that this could happen in late 2010 or early 2011. If all went smoothly during that process it could be reasonable to expect it available to the public, via prescription, by early 2012. Also, in all certainty, it will take on a trademarked name thus benefiting the manufacturer of it for marketing purposes. Stay informed of recent news and updates along with discussion at our website and the Avanafil Forum for thought, discussion or comments.

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