Asthma attack treatment

When a person has an asthma attack they will be able to breathe a lot easier if they are sitting up. Asthma attacks can happen in differing degrees of severity and the sufferer can have different types of symptoms. They type of asthma attack that is happening to the person will determine the asthma attack treatment.

In the cold and flu season asthma attacks can be more severe if the asthma patient contracts the flu or has a cold. Again, the severity of they attack will determine the asthma attack treatment. Most asthma patients carry an inhaler with them incase they have a sudden and severe attack. There are natural treatments that an asthma patient can use too such as herbal remedies etc. A common medicine used for asthma attack treatment is BioVent. It has different herbs in it and other ingredients that can clear out and open up the air tubes inside of your throat. People who use BioVent on a daily basis can even improve their overall respiratory health.

Asthma attack treatment via inhalers can control asthma attacks but using them will not prevent the attack from happening. Asthma is a disease that involves a chronic inflammation of the airways in the lungs that can cause a patient to have trouble breathing. Sometimes when a patient is hypersensitive to cold air, dust, pollutants, cold air and even stress, an asthma attack will be triggered. Muscle tissues in the bronchi will spasm and the airway will swell while all the time mucus is being secreted causing the bronchi to be blocked which makes it really hard for the asthma sufferer to breathe.

Asthma attack treatment can be done by various methods. A traditional allopathic doctor will use drugs for asthma attack treatment. Methylxanthine (theophylline) is used to control night-time asthma symptoms. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Other types of allopathic asthma treatments include the use of drugs in inhalers or by using injections or oral treatments. Steroids are used to block inflammation and leukotriene modifiers are used to stop the mucous from forming in the lungs during an asthma attack.

Another type of asthma attack treatment is called food and nutrition therapy. This type of treatment has the patient avoid milk and milk products, refined foods, processed foods, sugar and foods that have artificial additives and sulfites. The hope of the food and nutrition asthma attack treatment is that it will prevent the attack from happening in the first place. Patients eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. They are also restricted in their salt intake. Basically it is a vegan diet and it is thought to reduce all incidences of asthma attacks.

Asthma attack treatment that is of the herbal type can use such herbs as Ephedra. This herb contains ephedrine which is known to work well as bronchodilator, meaning it will open up the bronchial tubes. Ginkgo is also used as an asthma attack treatment because it can reduce the frequency of attacks. People also take licorice for asthma. This is used by herbalists as a decongestant and an expectorant. Other herbs used as an asthma treatment are passion flower, lobelia, Asian ginseng, and nettle.

Drugs used in a Homeopathic asthma attack treatment can include Antimonium tartaricum, Thuja occidentalis, Kali carbonicum, Silicea and Tuberculinum. You would have to see a homeopathic doctor to have your case evaluated before you try to use homeopathy as an asthma treatment.

You can find all different kinds of asthma treatments online. However, you should be evaluated by your health care practitioner and should not use an asthma attack treatment that has not been discussed with your doctor first.

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