Anti-aging skin care products

There is a huge variety of different anti-aging skin care products in the market. They all have special specifications for particular skin conditions and desired results. The risk is big of getting something that is not needed or even harmful, so there is really wisdom in the advice to see a dermatologist first before buying anything. There is also wisdom in reading carefully the labels stuck on each product and the literature that are provided for each.

Skin care products with Vitamin C content are believed to be highly effective in retarding the aging of skin. The body does repairs in the skin by producing collagen in areas that have been damaged. Collagen is a gelatin-like substance that is the main component of fibrils that connect tissues. It is like the cement that binds the stones or concrete materials in a building. Vitamin C is needed in the production of collagen. Care should be taken, however, in purchasing products with Vitamin C content in making sure that the product has not yet reached its expiry date.

Vitamin E is also known to be important in the repair of damaged skin tissues. This vitamin is part of the nucleus and wall of every cell in the body and of the connective tissue between cells. Adequate supply of this vitamin in the skin therefore strengthens skin cells. Skin care products with Vitamin E can render the skin very resistant to the damaging effects of harsh environment.

Dermatologists believe that skin care products that contain plant extracts are much better than those that are wholly synthetic. The organic-based chemicals in skin care products with plant extracts are called phytochemicals. They are rich in Vitamins B5, B6 and B12, which are part of the Vitamin B group that is referred to as B-complex. The B-group of vitamins is an essential need of the body. Deficiency in any of the Vitamin B affects all the systems in the body.

Lotions vs. Skin Care Creams

The consideration of differences between a lotion and a cream goes beyond its physical form. Preference in convenience of use is one consideration. Another is the efficacy of one compared to the other when applied to a particular condition. Many find cream easier to apply and convenient to use on “always-dry-spots” such as the elbows, and for the naturally dry skin. It is also preferred for use in the areas around the eyes. Cream is also a good choice when moisturizing. For treating skin disorders dermatologists most often recommend skin care products in cream form. For toning purposes, lotions are more preferred compared to creams because of its capability to control skin oil. As an astringent liquid it is ideal in reducing oil in the face.

Regular Skin Care Routine

A regular routine is an important part of any plan to retard, mitigate or at least hide the effects of aging on the skin. The earlier in the adult life healthy practices begin, the better its effect in the later part of life. A skin care routine entails a commitment. Regularity is a must. Skin care products do not necessarily work effectively when applied only on “as needed” basis. There are rules that need to be followed and practices that will need to be incorporated into one’s lifestyle and habits. A dermatologist can help plan out a daily regular skin care routine.

Here are some examples of rules and practices in a skin care routine:
1. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and must not be missed. Moisturizing is particularly important.

2. Make up must be removed before sleeping.

3. The skin must be exfoliated regularly.

4. Always try a new skin care product first on a small patch of skin, never in the face.

5. Use only the recommended amount of a skin care product, particularly creams.

6. Always observe first how the body reacts to a new skin care product. Discontinue use if allergic reactions develop.

7. Use a lotion for oily skin.

The Facts about Oily Skin Care

There are three main types of skin: dry skin, normal skin and oily skin. It seems that not too many presently can proudly claim having a normal skin. Most people nowadays seem to be complaining of oily skin. Oily skin is very difficult to manage, and an excessive oily secretion can lead to many skin problems. First of all, nobody wants to look greasy. Another thing, excessive oil secretions can block the skin pores in the face preventing the release of impurities and promotes the onset of acne.

If the face is naturally oily, diligence in removing the excess oil is required. A cleanser that contains salicylic acid can be used. After cleaning, toning must be done with an alcohol-based toner, and then the face must be moisturized by a lipid-free moisturizer. All of the skin care products to be used on oily skin should be oil-free. Clay masks, used at least once a week, have highly beneficial effect on an oily face.

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