Andropause symptoms

Many people have not heard of andropause though it has been around for ages. Just about everyone has heard of menopause and the basics of menopause are that it is the decrease in estrogen for women leading to their monthly period ending. Women really do not have a problem discussing this issue because it is a health issue and it affects all women. Andropause needs to have just as much discussion because it happens to every man and it is simply the decrease in testosterone level which actually starts at the age of 30. For men, this decrease is obviously slow and does not have a clear cut sign that it has started. Women have a much clearer sign since their monthly cycle ends. Men need to understand that this is a serious health issue and it can lead to heart disease and weak bones. Testosterone levels decrease by 1 percent every year after 30, so by the time a man reaches 70 years old he only has about half of his testosterone level that he used to have. The symptoms of andropause can go unrecognized because they are so vague and can describe a number of things.

The symptoms of andropause are very similar to those that women experience in menopause, but men are not as willing to talk about these symptoms with doctors as women are. Symptoms include depression, fatigue, hot flashes, poor sleep, decrease libido, poor sleep, possible weight gain in the abdomen, and erectile dysfunction. Now we see why men do not want to talk about their symptoms with doctors, not too many men want to tell their doctor they are having issues in the bedroom department. If you notice these symptoms see your doctor who can determine your testosterone levels with a routine blood test. If you go and talk to your doctor about your symptoms you will find that treatment is so easy, it is testosterone replacement therapy which just means you would take a supplement of testosterone.

Testosterone replacement is not for any men with prostate cancer, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney problems. Just think, you can take a pill that can increase your mood, improve sleep, improve physical energy, get rid of the depression, increase libido, and help with erectile dysfunction. This wonder drug can even increase your lean body fat and lower your risk of heart disease. Do not ignore these symptoms, you do not need to be depressed and have a change in your attitude just because you are getting a little bit older, and you definitely do not want to deal with symptoms if you are as young as 40.

This happens to every man, it is nothing to be embarrassed about it, and every man needs to know this. Testosterone supplements can even increase your mental clarity, which is a symptom if your levels are too low. Hormones control such things as weight, blood flow, moods, and more. When your testosterone level is too low, many things are affected by this. Do not be embarrassed about a natural thing that happens to everyone, see your doctor. You do not need to live with depression or any other symptoms of andropause. In order for more men to know about this health issue it is necessary to speak openly with your doctor. All you may need is a pill to make your life so much better! Remember, this happens to everyone, your doctor will know exactly what to do, but you need to be honest about all symptoms. Trying to cope with symptoms on your own can lead you to be unhappy and unable to function at your best ability.

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  1. Dawn says:

    You don’t have to suffer through all the terrible symptoms that are linked to Andropause. I watched my dad go through it until he made an appointment with a bioidentical hormone specialist to get his hormone levels checked. His specialized physician helped him understand the results and gave him bioidentical hormone replacement therapy options.

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