Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction can be a very big problem not only for the person who has the addiction but for their immediate family and friends as well. This type of addiction affects the whole family or circle of people who surround the addict. Alcohol addiction can be very hard to define as drinking alcohol is accepted by most of the adult society in the United States today. Our culture has so many social settings that are wrapped around drinking alcohol. Many people think nothing of having a bottle of wine with dinner or going out to have drinks with friends after work. This makes it hard for some people to see that they have developed a problem with drinking alcohol when the time comes.

So how does someone know if they have a drinking problem? There are some questions that a person can ask themselves to get an idea as to whether they control the amount of alcohol in their life or if alcohol controls their life. The first question that they should ask themselves is whether they can stop drinking after consuming only one drink. They should then think about any time that they have felt guilty about going out and drinking. They should also ask themselves if they have ever used alcohol to make themselves relax or feel better. They should think about their family and whether they have any family members that have expressed concern about their drinking. Another significant occurrence is that they have suffered some consequence of drinking alcohol such as a DUI or other arrest due to their drinking.

If a person can answer yes to several of the above questions, they may have an alcohol abuse problem. If a problem is present, there is help to treat the addiction. There are many ways that alcohol abuse can be treated. One way to treat alcohol abuse is to stop drinking, cold turkey. This method however, is not recommended for anyone who has been known to drink large amounts of alcohol for long periods of time. There can be severe withdrawal symptoms that can occur that may need some medical intervention for people who have an extensive history with alcohol.

Alcohol anonymous is a twelve step program that works as a support program for anyone who wants to stop drinking. They provide the program and support from others who have had problems with alcohol abuse and have stopped drinking. The program recommends that anyone who joins retains a sponsor or mentor type person who can help guide them through the process of the program. There are Alcohol Anonymous programs in most cities in the United States.

Other alcohol abuse programs include both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. There are inpatient treatment centers that allow people to stay in the facility up to 30 days while they have gone through detox from alcohol and then provide support and therapy as well as meetings such as Alcohol Anonymous to give them the tools needed to continue their sobriety.

Outpatient therapy can be designed to be either utilized several hours in one day or a few hours a week. Intense counseling and therapy can be offered in this type of setting as well as meetings with other addicts and alcoholics in order to help the person develop the tools needed for their sobriety.

In some situations medical intervention is needed and in that situation there are hospitals that offer a detox center for the first 72 hours after a person has stopped drinking. People who have long histories with alcohol consumption may have severe withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremors or seizures and need medical observation, medication and treatment while this is going on. The person can then be transferred to either an inpatient or outpatient program afterwards for follow up care.

There are support groups for the family members of anyone who has a drinking problem. Ala-Non and Ala-Teen are two such programs that can be utilized for those family members. They can help give support and guidance to anyone who is a family member of an alcoholic. These programs are readily available in most towns and cities as well. Many can be found in the yellow pages of the phone book or listings on the internet for anyone needing support for this problem.

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