Adiponectin is a form of protein. It is created by the fat cells and helps to boost metabolism and glucose level. It contains high level of anti-inflammatory substances. One of the most important functions of adiponectin is that it makes the body more sensitive towards insulin. Since type 2 diabetes is caused by decreased sensitivity towards insulin, adiponectin plays a key role in preventing it.

Adiponectin is produced from the adipose tissue that resides in the bloodstream and has a very vast amount of plasma as opposed to other hormones. Although it is not clear when it comes to infants, but in an adult body this protein hormone helps to prevent obesity, diabetes, Atherosclerosis, liver disorders etc. Adipocytes produces several types of protein such as leptin, addipsin etc.

There is a lack of the adiponectin protein in obese humans. Through medication and lifestyle alteration, the level of adiponectin can be increased in a body. Scientist believe that this particular protein may help to fight the type 2 diabetes epidemic that is affecting millions of patients around the world. Studies in Canada also proved that adiponectin can help prevent Sepsis, a fatal blood infection that claims thousands of lives each year.

A Study carried out internationally have indicated that regardless of body mass index, race and sex, a high level of adiponectin in the body will definitely prevent type 2 diabetes. This is because the protein helps to restrain hepatic gluconeogenesis while pushing the insulin secretion along with motivating the fatty acid oxidation. Shanshan Li, MD of Harvard School of Public Health claims that adiponectin is one of the most efficient and consistent biochemical substances for preventing diabetes. However the study didn’t exclude the possibility of misclassification when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, adiponectin can help prevent and cure Sepsis. Sepsis is when bacteria or other hazardous substance exists in the blood or tissues in the body and which has the potential to cause organ failure. Almost 1500 people die every day due to sepsis related complications. It is considered among the top ten reasons for fatality in the medical field of America. Usually people who are severely sick or with low immune system carry high risk of being affected by this.

It showed that a low presence of adiponectin in the body can increase the risk of fatality due to sepsis. Also, a balanced level of adiponectin in the body helps to keep sepsis away from forming. Since sepsis requires surgery, the risk is pretty much alarming. And people with a combination of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc carries a better chance of passing away, because often they tend to have a lower level of adiponectin. Usually a high level of sepsis reduces the chances of sepsis related inflammation in the body. And if sepsis does exist, boosting the level of adiponectin in the body, before heading to the surgery table may help. Doctors are still trying to land a permit for primary testing on this matter.

Concentration of adiponectin in the blood stream determines sexual dimorphism, which exist on a higher level among females than males. Usually a consistent and healthy weight can be maintained due to the presence of this protein in the body. Like leptin, adiponectin uses the brain to stimulate weight loss in the body.

Even though studies needs to be carried out thoroughly, it is safe to say that adiponectin does have a great effect on preventing not only diabetes but a very a serious form of blood infecting like sepsis too. Crash dieting to lose weight is hence considered a terrible idea because not only it increases your chance of being obese but it cuts down the level of adiponectin that is derived from the fat that circulates the abdomen, which may lead to potential risk of type 2 diabetes and blood infections.

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