Acupuncture for back pain relief

Back pain is most often referred to as a pinched nerve problem or a nerve impingement syndrome for the reason that there is a problem with the formation that hinders the exit of the nerves from the spinal cord and then all the way through the spinal vertebrae, and eventually out into the body, causing an impingement in the nerves when it escapes the spine that causes a great deal of pain. There are two types of back pains that have differences in the length of time that the pain is experienced. For an acute low back pain, people tend to feel the pain for a number of days or even for several weeks and then it goes away. For those who are suffering from a chronic low back pain, it takes several months or even years for the pain to subside.

There have been a number of techniques and methods that have been tried and tested to effectively relieve the pain and treat it. Plenty of people who experience severe back pain require surgery, which could be extremely expensive and potentially dangerous as well. Healthcare professionals usually recommend the removal of the nerve impediment to take care of the pain but most of the time it fails to provide relief for the pain. Conventional treatments that provide temporary relief for back pains and enable the people who are suffering from these problems to continue with their daily routines include physical therapy, regular exercises for the back, and drugs such as pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Because the result is only temporary, the pain tends to go back and it is possible that it might take a really long time for the pain to subside the next time it occurs.

It is important that a person who is suffering from severe back pain be knowledgeable about his condition to help him deal with the back pains. Plenty of people who have grown tired of recurring back pains and being dependent on the temporary effects of traditional medicine tend to make use of alternative options for treatment, which includes acupuncture for back pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient means of treatment in Chinese medicine that makes use of certain types of special medicinal needles that are inserted into specific points of the body to provide relief from severe back pains. These needles can be inserted to about a few several inches into the layers of fat or muscle. Other times, the needles merely rest on the skin surface. These acupuncture needles can also be rotated or wiggled to prevent the energy from being obstructed. These needles are often left inserted into the skin for about fifteen minutes to a half hour. Recent medical research findings have shown that conventional medicine has began to acknowledge the positive effects of acupuncture and now gives it a high regard for effective treatment of a multitude of body aches and illnesses.

Acupuncture employs a theory that revolves around the fact that there are energy points on the body that amount to about two thousand specific points all over the body that are attached to twenty passageways or meridians that run all throughout the body. The life force or what is being referred to by the Chinese as the qi or chi, is carried out through these meridians or pathways. Severe back pains, or any kind of pain for that matter, are the direct result of the obstruction of any one of these passageways. People who have had acupuncture for back pain have claimed that they have experienced low levels of pain after undergoing acupuncture.

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  1. I was able to cure my continual back problems through taking up Tai Chi. An important part of Tai Chi is body structure plus alignment but you do really need to locate an teacher that is aware of their stuff or else you wind up simply carrying out useless motions.

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