AARP dental insurance

AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. AARP dental insurance is a form of group insurance that is targeted towards seniors and members of their family. The AARP dental insurance policy will cover various basic dental expenses such as teeth cleaning and routine checkups. After one year of receiving AARP dental insurance you will qualify for various major dental benefits. If you are looking for dental insurance to provide savings for minor dental costs then an AARP dental insurance plan would be ideal for you.

If you are a current member in the AARP group then you will be qualified for an AARP dental insurance plan. Your family members will also be qualified for this form of dental insurance coverage. The rate of premiums that is charged for this type of dental insurance will vary depending on your location but it is generally more affordable than most dental insurance policies. The cost for the insurance will also vary depending on the type of plan such as individual coverage or family coverage.

What Does AARP Dental Insurance Cover?
The first year that you are covered with AARP dental insurance you will not receive full coverage. After you have been enrolled in this dental insurance plan for a year you will be qualified for major benefits and much more effective coverage. During the first year you will receive coverage for minor dental work such as teeth cleaning, denture repair, fillings, and preventive care. After the first year you will receive coverage for major dental work such as restoring your crown or cast and periodontics.

Many dental insurance policies will only offer a small amount of coverage. For instance, a typical dental insurance plan may cover various minor dental costs but there may be a limit to the amount of times that you can be covered for a certain form of dental work such as teeth cleaning. If you get dental insurance through AARP then you will receive coverage for all the common dental work in the first year. After that year is up you will also receive coverage for dental work that is more expensive and uncommon than most.

Benefits of the AARP Dental Insurance Plan
You have the ability to choose from two different AARP dental insurance plans. The benefits you receive from the plan will depend on the specific plan that you choose. The first plan will offer you 100% coverage on diagnostic and preventive dental care. The second plan will offer you 80% coverage on diagnostic and preventative dental care. The first plan will have a slightly higher premium rate than the second plan. The plan that is more financially beneficial will depend on the frequency of your visits to the dentist for certain types of dental work.

AARP dental insurance is part of a PPO network (through Delta Dental Insurance). There are many other clients and dentists that are involved within the network. Dentists join the network to build their client base. The network provider will receive lowered dental costs or financial incentives for referring clients in the network. The end result of all of this will the network provider being able to provide dental insurance to their clients for lower premiums than most forms of dental coverage. Long story short, AARP dental insurance will be available for a much lower premium than most other dental insurance plans.

You have the option of choosing a dentist that is part of the network or a dentist that is not part of the network. If you go with a dentist from the network then you will receive a dental bill for any expenses that are not covered through your AARP dental insurance plan. If you go with a dentist that is not from the network then you will receive a dental bill directly from the dentist. You will receive a partial refund from the Delta Dental network to cover as much as possible (up to the maximum amount covered) for the dental costs.

What to Know Before Applying for AARP Dental Insurance
The most important thing to know about this type of dental insurance is how exactly the network works. If you decide to visit a dentist that is not part of the Delta Dental network then you could end up spending a fair amount on dental expenses. It will also eliminate the need for dental insurance as you would be paying a premium and the dental expenses. If you decide to go with a dentist in the network then you can get an extreme amount of savings for most types of dental work. Lastly, you should know that it is essential for you to avoid being late for any premium payments as it can make you ineligible for the coverage.

Final Thoughts
AARP dental insurance is a great choice for most individuals as it provides affordable dental coverage for most basic types of dental work. It also utilizes the dental PPO network through Delta Dental which makes the coverage more convenient for the clients and dentists. Overall, there will be some limitations if you join the AARP dental insurance plan but it is one of the most beneficial and affordable forms of dental insurance available.

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