7-Keto DHEA

7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA. This means that 7-Keto is a substance that is produced when DHEA is metabolized by the human body. DHEA is the adrenal hormone Dehydro-epiandrosterone. This hormone is present in the body in large amounts at birth. The levels remain high in early childhood then ebb and flow until we are young adults when they then start to decline. The levels of DHEA in the body tend to decline steadily as we age. DHEA is a hormone that is the precursor for both the male and female sex hormones in the body.

Science tells us that DHEA is responsible for bodily functions such as our general feeling of well being, sexual function, and adequate hormone levels. DHEA has been thought to prevent premature aging, help our sexuality, increase our metabolism and increase muscle mass amongst its other functions. This makes it a very lucrative substance as a nutritional supplement for many people.

It does have many medical uses. DHEA has been used successfully by medical professionals to treat diseases such as adrenal insufficiency, systemic lupus, the induction of labor and clinical depression. These uses of DHEA have been researched by professionals in a clinical setting and treatment with this hormone for these issues should be done under the care of a medical professional.

DHEA can be used as a nutritional supplement by people who want to use it to build muscle mass. This substance when ingested by digestive enzymes is converted into a systemic steroid that is used by the body to increase muscle mass and burn calories in a faster manner than normal. DHEA was once touted to be beneficial for premature aging and increase sexual function however the National Institute on Aging has reported that DHEA has not shown itself to be safe in these areas. This substance is not felt to be safe for the long term due to its side effects which are very similar to those of systemic steroids.

7-Keto may then seem to be the answer to people’s prayers who want the benefits of DHEA but not the side effects that were worrisome. 7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA. It gives the same effects that DHEA ha as far as boosting the immune system, improving the memory, and increasing the metabolism of the body however 7-Keto is not metabolized by the body into either an androgenic or estrogenic hormone or steroid. This makes researchers feel that 7-Keto is much safer to use than DHEA. Studies have been done on rats that showed 7-Keto was safe for use without any toxic side effects. Human studies were recommended at that time for further consideration in this matter. No new human studies could be found at this time showing the effects of this substance in the long term on humans.

There are reports that can be found from those who have used this supplement online, however. After doing research on 7-Keto and DHEA several users of these supplements reported some side effects that do need to be discussed here. Several users reported severe headaches and slight elevations in blood pressure after taking the supplement. Others had problems with heart palpitations after starting to take the supplement. Changes in behavior were also reported by some users such as irritability and some aggressive behavior was noted by others. It should be noted that anyone taking these supplements should stop them immediately if they notice any of these side effects and report them to a medical professional for a consultation.

7-Keto DHEA may be less likely to cause problems than its counterpart DHEA however when any hormonal supplement comes into play there can be side effects of a serious nature. It is recommended that if you have any type of medical condition please consult with your physician or medical professional prior to starting any type of supplement such as this.

Any nutritional supplement that you consider taking should be thoroughly researched before commencing. These supplements are not governed by the FDA or any other agency here in the USA so consumers should do their own homework first! It is best to be forewarned and forearmed when contemplating using nutritional supplements which have not been fully tested by the FDA or any other government ageny.

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